Q: Does AntiCheat block X-ray?

A: No, it doesn't block xray as a plugin like FamilyJewels or Orebfuscator might, but it provides you with XRay statistics to get an idea of who might be using xray hacks.

Q: Is AntiCheat open-source?

A: Of course it is! You are free to browse, fork, and submit pull requests to the github repo

Q: What is the development process of AntiCheat? Where can I download new builds?

A: We do accept (and appreciate) pull requests on the GitHub repo if you feel like you have a solution to an issue, but mostly opening tickets and reporting bugs will be the easiest and fastest way to speed up the work.

When we are getting ready to release a new version, we will always let you know and allow people to report any last-minute bugs. These announcements will be placed on the very top of the main page in bold, and in the topic on our IRC channel. If you find a bug within the candidate we have announced, please report it ASAP before it is promoted.

You can download builds from Jenkins.

Q: Can I run AntiCheat alongside with NoCheatPlus?

A: Terrible idea. If you run the two of them together, AntiCheat will warn you and make sure that you're aware that its behavior may be changed by NoCheatPlus' presence. We've spent weeks trying to find the root of some bizarre bugs in AntiCheat, and it finally turns out that when NoCheatPlus is removed from the server, AntiCheat works properly. This is because they will both attempt to run the same sorts of checks and independently take action on a player; NoCheatPlus even hooks into CraftBukkit to make changes to it, thus causing AntiCheat's results to become skewed. AntiCheat does NOT hook into CraftBukkit because of its inherent constant changes that would break the plugin every update. It's not known that AntiCheat conflicts with anything that NoCheatPlus does, it's only the other way around. It's for this reason that I don't consider making changes to the plugin to make it NCP-compatible is worth my time. I make AntiCheat work on CraftBukkit, and any other mod or plugin that interferes with its compatibility is really not my problem.

Running two anticheating plugins is also a poor idea because it means you will have to manage 2 sets of permission nodes from 2 different plugins, and whenever a player tries to fly hack or whatever hack he/she uses, you will be warned twice, and the player will be moved back twice. It should also be noted that running two of these same plugins does NOT double your server's security; if anything it actually hurts the server. You'll be using up twice the CPU/RAM necessary for only one plugin to work, and you'll have them fighting over who gets to do what. Don't think that you can just drop both and have it be better. You don't make a soup better by throwing more chefs at it.

If you really want to use NoCheatPlus because of _ check that we don't have, you can configure NoCheatPlus to disable all the other checks and only leave _ check enabled. Otherwise, it's ultimately your choice to run both, but don't complain to me when it causes you problems.

Q: Which is better, AntiCheat or X?

A: There is no clear answer to this question, and furthermore you will not get an unbiased answer by asking me. The only way to figure this out is by trying it and formulating your own opinion.

Q: How do I exempt people from / turn off X check?

A: Please see the cheat permissions detailed on the permissions page. If a player has a permission to bypass a check, the check will not run AT ALL and subsequently will take the load of that check off your server. Contrary to what seems to be popular belief, you don't need to disable the check with the API or anything else for it not to run; permissions checks on the player run at the same level as those other disabled checks, so they're just as effective. To turn off a check fully for everyone, add the permission to everyone.

Q: Can AntiCheat be compatible with X?

A: 99% of the time, the answer to this will be that the author of X needs to implement our API. There's zero way I can sanely determine "X mod / plugin / whatever is loaded, that means X value should be Y, Z value should be X, etc." It's just not reasonable for all that to be done on my end. Instead, the author of the system needs to read up on the API page and choose whether or not to implement it. If they choose not to, there's not much I can do, ESPECIALLY FOR MODS which are extremely unfriendly to this kind of setup.

However, in some cases the author and I can work something out if they're willing to chat for a while. For instance, AntiCheat works with mcMMO out of the box because the mcMMO devs have kindly put in place a few "flags" to tell AntiCheat that their program is running, or really rather trick AntiCheat into running properly. An example of this is that AntiCheat verifies that an arm swing packet was sent before a user breaks a block to avoid noswing hacks. mcMMO uses functions to make a user break a block that don't make the player animate before the block is broken. Normally, AntiCheat would think this was a hack. What mcMMO does, though, is throw a faked arm swing packet from the player right before they break a block so that AntiCheat will operate normally. If this is a possibility, it can only be achieved if the authors are willing to talk to me; there is ZERO you can do but politely ask them to do so - if they decline that's their decision, don't pester them any longer.