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What is AntiCheat?

AntiCheat helps server admins easily identify and block malicious users by monitoring and analyzing the behavior of your players. AntiCheat will look for tell-tale signs of hacked clients, as well as implement limits into the game so that players cannot gain an advantage by hacking.

Get AntiCheat support, ask questions, report bugs, or just come hang out with us on IRC:
#Anticheat ( #anticheat)

Resources and download

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Download dev builds

Source code


Information/How to use



API Documentation

Features include, but are not limited to:

  • Now compatible with plugins like stargate and mcMMO out of the box.
  • XRay statistics system
  • Intuitive alert, warning, and event system for server admins
  • Chat spam blocker
  • Command spam blocker
  • Longreach blocker (Breaking blocks, placing blocks, fighting)
  • Force Field blocker
  • Flymod blocker
  • Speedhack blocker
  • Noswing/instant break blocker
  • Instant use blocker (eating,firing a bow, etc.)
  • Walk on water blocker
  • God mode blocker
  • Spider (Climb walls) blocker
  • Autobuild blocker
  • Massive drop blocker
  • NoFall blocker
  • Zombe's mod blocker
  • Nuking blocker
  • Teleport blocker
  • Autoheal blocker
  • Aura blocker
  • Knockback hack blocker
  • FastBreak blocker
  • FastPlace blocker
  • VClip blocker


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I'm around a lot in IRC. Feel free to join me in #anticheat on and ping me to report a game-breaking bug, or just to ask questions, get support, etc. If I'm not around and don't immediately see you, don't worry; I'll eventually see your comment within a few minutes/hours.

Bug Reporting & Questions

Bug Reporting / Questions:

First, please consult the FAQ and Information pages to ensure your question hasn't already been answered before you ask. After you have done this, click here to visit the official AntiCheat bugtracker and file a bug report. You must properly give all necessary information detailed here for your issue to be considered.

IntelliJ IDEA

Many thanks to JetBrains who have provided their IntelliJ IDE for development. I'm not paid for saying this; it's genuinely a great system that comes with my unfettered recommendation ;)

[ONELINER:AntiCheat helps easily identify and block malicious users on your server.]