Installation and Configuration

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Configuration oliverw92 GoalieGuy6 Mar 22, 2012
Configuration There are 2 files to configure for HawkEye. I advise editing them all in Notepad plus plus - it has proper syntax highlighting for YAML format. When editing YAML do NOT use tabs - use spaces at all time or you will get errors. config.yml This is located at plugins/HawkEye/config.yml. This file is used to control how and what HawkEye logs. general: max-lines: 0 #Maximum number of lines in a single result - leave as 0 for no limit give-user-tool: true # Whether or not to spawn the...
Installation oliverw92 oliverw92 Sep 28, 2011
Installation Main Plugin The main plugin is installed exactly the same as any other plugin. Simply place HawkEye.jar in your plugins/ folder. Run the server to create the config file, then stop it again and follow the Configuration procedures. The plugin will more than likely not start without you configuring it first, so it is important you stop the server again after first running it. Web Interface (optional) Simply upload or place the hawkeye/ folder from the zip file in your web...
MySQL and Web Server oliverw92 oliverw92 Aug 25, 2011
MySQL and Web Server HawkEye requires a MySQL database to store information in and optionally a Web Server if you wish to use the web interface. Most people's servers will have fall under one of these three categories: Hosted on your own PC/at home Hosted by a Minecraft server company Hosted on a VPS/dedi Hosted on your own PC If you host your Minecraft server at home, it is very easy to get a MySQL and Web Server installation all in one piece. There are several pieces of software that...
Permissions oliverw92 GoalieGuy6 Mar 23, 2012
Permissions Three systems are supported by HawkEye for permissions: Any permissions plugin supported by Vault (if you have it installed) PermissionsEx Permissions (both v2.7 and v3.*) BukkitPerms Nodes Any of those three can use the following nodes: NodeFunction hawkeye.*Access to all HawkEye commands hawkeye.pagePermission to view different pages hawkeye.searchPermission to search the HawkEye database\ hawkeye.search.<action>Permission to view specified action. Use HawkEye.search.* to give...
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