• /wr transmitter <channelname> - Create a transmitter where you're standing.
  • /wr receiver <channelname> - Create a receiver where you're standing.
  • /wr info <channelname> - Shows informations about about a Channel (Is activated or not).
  • /wr list [page] - Shows a list of Wireless Channels.
  • /wr lock / unlock <channel> - Lock / Unlock a channel. Receivers will not turn on in a locked channel
  • /wr admin - Commands to administrate a Wireless Channel :
    • /wr admin <channelname> addowner <username> - Adds a owner to the given channel, Only if you are a owner of that channel to.
    • /wr admin <channelname> removeowner <username> - Removes a owner from the given channel, Only when you are a owner to.
    • /wr admin backup - Backups the database (means all your channels) in a zip archive located in the plugin folder.
    • /wr admin wipedata - Deletes the entire database (means all the channels), and save it before.
  • /wr remove <channelname> - Deletes whole channel from config and delete all signs within the channel.
  • /wr help [pagenumber] - Shows help page with commands!


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