Create a Transmitter/Receiver/Screen with the commands :

  • Stay on the block where you want to put the Transmitter or the Receiver.
  • Type /wr transmitter name_of_your_channel to create the transmitter, or /wr receiver name_of_your_channel to create a receiver, or /wr screen name_of_your_channel to create the screen.
  • A sign will appear at this place, and if the channel that you wrote exists, it will be created. Otherwise, the sign will simply disappear. Done!

Create a Transmitter/Receiver/Screen with sign editing :

  • Place a sign where you want to put your Receiver/Transmitter.
  • On the first line, type [transmitter] to create a transmitter, [receiver] to create a receiver, or [screen] to create a screen.
  • On the second line, type the name of the channel you want to use. If it doesn't exist, it will be created.

This represents a transmitter created when the channel test already existed : WTransmitter created

Destroy a Transmitter / Receiver / Screen

  • Break the sign.
  • Done !

Transmitter destroyed