Configuration File

The config file is located in plugins/WirelessRedstone/config.yml.

See GitHub for a more up-to-date version (click here).



  • ConfigVersion - Do NOT change this value
  • Language - Corresponds to the language used by the plugin.
  • ColourfulLogging - Set this value to true if you want the log in the console to be written with colors (it's easier to see what's wrong)
  • CheckForUpdates - If you don't want to be spammed with a message telling you that an amazing new release with new great functionalities has been released, then set it to false.
  • cancelChunkUnloads - Recommended to keep this value on true
  • cancelChunkUnloadRange - Correspond to the radius where the chunk won't be unloaded around the wireless sign
  • UseVault - You have Vault but for any reason, you don't want to use it? Set this value to false
  • SilentMode - The plugin doesn't send any feedback if you don't have permissions to a certain command
  • DebugMode - Don't activate it if you're not a tester or a developer
  • DropSignWhenBroken - This value can be set to false because some people can create signs with a command and destroy them to get free signs.
  • InteractTransmitterTime - The time in milliseconds you activate a transmitter if you interact with it
  • CacheRefreshFrequency - Cache refresh time in seconds, it's recommended to leave this value as it is
  • gateLogic - The logic of the transmitters (more info can be found on the Minecraft redstone circuit wiki), available options: OR, IGNORE (no logic/old logic from version <2.0)
  • saveOption - Save the channels in YML or SQLITE. MYSQL isn't supported yet
  • MYSQL - Options for MySQL, you can ignore it if you don't use it