Simple, player-directed plugin allowing for Walls games to be created and managed easily.

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  • Virtual mode (disables redstone, optional time notifications, configurable time until walls drop)
  • Automatic update notification (since v1.3)
  • Join a queue for the next game, teleporting you to the waiting area
  • Leave the queue, teleporting you back to where you were before
  • Separate inventories
  • Optionally join team 1–4 (will be auto sorted into a team otherwise)
  • Command to start the game, activate the redstone, and teleport players to their starting positions
  • Block rule-breaking (such as breaking the walls, or doing anything before the game starts)
  • All dead players will respawn at their previous locations
  • 1 team can win the game
  • The winner will receive a configurable prize (default: 1 diamond) and be teleported back to their previous location (Supports Vault for economy)
  • The world will be automatically reset to its normal state when someone wins the game or an admin uses the command '/thewalls restoreworld'
  • Automatically attempt to start games 10 minutes after the server starts and every 15 minutes

Step-by-Step Guide


  • /thewalls - Display TheWalls2 help
  • /thewalls join - Joins the game queue
  • /thewalls leave - Leaves the game queue
  • /thewalls team <1–4> - Joins a team
  • /thewalls start - Starts a game
  • /thewalls stop - Stops a game
  • /thewalls restoreworld - Restores the world

Bold - Requires OP or permission node


/thewalls - /tw, /twalls




  • Concurrent games
  • Team chat
  • TagAPI integration
  • Compasses point towards enemy players
  • Localization
  • Suggestions please (Post in the comments or on GitHub)

Bug Reports

Please post these on GitHub or, if that's not possible, in the comments below. Please provide (at minimum) the following information:

  • What the most likely cause of the issue was (such as what you were doing at the time)
  • Any errors displayed in the console (Please use for these!)
  • The version numbers of the plugin and of Craftbukkit (Don't say 'latest'!)
  • Any additional information you can provide, such as potentially conflicting plugins

Need Help?

Servers using TheWalls2 (follow the link for information on getting your server listed)

Donate to Hoot215

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