Inspired by: TARDIS Ticket #530 - Weeping Angels

This plugin tranforms skeletons into terrifying Weeping Angels (as seen on Doctor Who), zombies into Cybermen and Pig Zombies into angry Ice Warriors. Version 2 adds Daleks, Empty Children, Sontarans (and Strax), Silurians, Zygons and Vashta Nerada!

Weeping Angel


Ice Warrior



Vashta Nerada


Empty Child





Video, thanks to LT JIM Gaming

Other videos

Showcase: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_EHnaTLzuPY

Daleks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1qkqoZm9SA

Empty Child, Cybermen, SFX: https://vimeo.com/97704593

Resource Pack

For v2.0.8 - http:minecraft.curseforge.com/texture-packs/72751-tardisweeping-angels/files

For v2.0.9 and higher - get it from GitHub

NOTE as of version 1.2.3 TARDISWeepingAngels requires the Custom Item textures mod to be installed (via MCPatcher), and the new TARDISWeepingAngels-MCP resource pack!


  • Weeping Angels, Cybermen, Ice Warriors, Daleks, Empty Children, Sontarans (and Strax), Silurians, Zygons and Vashta Nerada!
  • Configurable spawn rate
  • Custom monster sounds

For each monster:

  • Configurable drop on death
  • Only spawn them in the worlds you want
  • Maximum monsters per world


  • Configurable killing item
  • Can be frozen in place for a configurable time
  • Configurable TARDIS Key stealing


  • Can upgrade villagers and players

Weeping Angel Information

Weeping Angels only spawn at night in loaded chunks. They spawn with iron armour and are equipped with a barrier block in each hand (their wings).

Weeping Angels can only be killed with the configured weapon - by default a DIAMOND_PICKAXE - hitting them with anything else has no effect. When they die they drop random amounts (1-3) of the configured items (STONE and COBBLESTONE by default), and very rarely a skull.

The angels move pretty fast, but you can freeze them in place by looking at them and quickly pressing the sneak key. Better arm yourself or flee quickly though, as they'll be after you again in a snap - and if they touch you, you'll be teleported away to a random location. If the TARDIS plugin is also installed (if it isn't WHY NOT?), your TARDIS Key will be stolen.

Cybermen Information

Cybermen can spawn at anytime. They spawn with iron armour.

If configured, Cybermen will upgrade villagers and players when they have killed them (a new Cyberman) spawns in their place. If the upgraded entity was a player, the new Cyberman displays the player's name above its head.

Ice Warrior Information

Ice Warriors are really angry. They can spawn at anytime, but only spawn in snowy, icy or cold biomes. They carry an ice dagger. Did I mention they're angry!

Dalek Information

Daleks are skeletons disguised as retextured snowmen. They come in different colours, but mostly spawn in their typical bronze colour. Exterminate!

Empty Children

Empty Children spawn anytime, and are of course child size. If you are killed by an Empty Child you get a gas mask applied to your head when you respawn that you can't remove for 30 seconds.


Only spawn underground in caves. Watch out for their Silurian guns!


Sontarans will try to kill you (as any good Sontaran should). If you manage to right-click a Sontaran with a Weakness Potion before he kills you, he will transform into Strax.


If you right-click Strax he'll talk to you, and if you right-click him with an empty bucket, you'll be able to milk him. Yum, yum Sontaran lactic fluid :) Be careful not to anger him though as he'll go rabid on you and let his killer Sontaran instincts get the better of him!

Vashta Nerada

Vashta Nerada have a random (configurable) chance of spawning when a bookshelf is broken, say "Hey who turned out the lights?" and of course try to eat you!


Zygons don't do much yet (except try to kill you), but they look pretty cool. Watch this space...


Command Arguments What it does Aliases
/twas [monster type] Spawns a monster on the block you are targeting /twaspawn
/twad [monster type] [on:off] Sets a player's armour so that they are disguised as a monster /twadisguise
/twac [a:c:d:e:i:o:s:v:z] [world] Reports the current number of the specifed monster in the specified world /twacount
/twak [a:c:d:e:i:o:s:v:z] [world] Kills all of the specifed monster in the specified world /twakill
/twa [a:c:d:e:i:o:s:v:z:all] [world] [max monsters] Sets the maximum number of the specified monster allowed to spawn in the specified world /twaa

Commands (pre v2.0)

Go here: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/tardisweepingangels/pages/old-commands/


Node Description Default
tardisweepingangels.spawn Allow players to spawn monsters op
tardisweepingangels.disguise Allow players to disguise themselves as monsters op
tardisweepingangels.count Allow players to use the /twac or /angelcount command op
tardisweepingangels.kill Allow players to use the /twak command op
tardisweepingangels.admin Allow players to use the /twa command op


Go here: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/tardisweepingangels/pages/configuration/

Pre v2.0 configuration

Go here: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/tardisweepingangels/pages/old-configuration/


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