Expanded Features

Expanded Features

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Basic Features

  • Don't need to memorize any annoying commands
  • Can create global shops (with infinite items and infinite money using [iBuy] and [iSell])
  • Can create player owned shops
  • Can buy and sell raw XP and XP levels
  • Signs have colors: [Blue] means the shop is stocked and working, [Red] means the shop is out or overstocked, [Black] means the sign is not active
  • Can sell multiple items per sign (e.g. Alchemy Starter Kit, containing 3 glass bottles 1 brewing stand, netherwarts, ghast tears, etc.)
  • Chests do not need to be directly under signs, they can be anywhere (Distance can be customized in the config)
  • Can use multiple signs per chest (just remove any extra items, link the chest to the new sign, and stock the chest with multiple item types!)
  • Ability to set up shops to control redstone levers (to charge admittance to a door, power some sort of contraption, blow up a bunch of TNT, whatever you want!)
  • Can limit number of shops per player or permission group
  • Can edit active signs by clicking a sign with the desired text using Black Dye and then clicking the active SignShop
  • Can disable trading with villagers
  • Profit sharing using [Share] signs linked to SignShops
  • Restrict shop use to only groups listed on [Restricted] signs
  • Localization support (if you would like your native language to be supported, help us translate our config! More information on this page.)
  • Supports custom potions, books, fireworks, and lores

Advanced Features

  • Can set up signs to run commands in console
  • Can run commands as if the buyer typed the command themselves (use "runCommand{asUser}" block in the config. NOTE: "*" permission nodes must be supported by your permission plugin for this feature)
  • Can run commands after a certain amount of time, allowing you to sell things like temporary permissions
  • Can sell partial amounts to signs (disabled by default)
  • Customizable messages
  • Customizable signs
  • Can define multipliers for groups to allow certain groups to get discounts or make more money for selling items