How do I get money?

Firstly, you must have Vault on your server. Secondly, you must be using one of the many economy plugins Vault supports. GoldisMoney and Gringotts are both good for item based economies. If you would rather have a currency, Craftconomy is a popular choice. Then you must use a command from your economy plugin to give yourself money. Check their documentation, but it's usually something like /money grant, /eco give, things like that.

Why isn't money coming out of my account?

Firstly, make sure you have an economy plugin and Vault installed. If you have done that correctly, then chances are, you are buying from a shop that you made yourself. The money is going to the owner of that sign, and that happens to be you. To avoid that, use an infinite sign like [iBuy] and the money will not go into the owner's account, or have someone else make a sign that you can use.

How do I make shops with infinite items / no chest?

Usually when people ask this, they want an [iBuy] or [iSell] sign, but there are many other shops with infinite items. I suggest reading our signs page. You will need the chest to setup the shop originally, but you can destroy it afterwards.

Why is my shop only giving me X amount of items? I want it to give me Y amount!

When you link the sign and the chest, the amount that is in the chest will be the amount of items per transaction. So if you want to only sell 8 of an item with each transaction, you put 8 in the chest, then link it to the sign. Afterwards, you can fill up the chest, and it will still continue to sell 8 at a time.

Why can't my players use shops? They can only get the confirm purchase message.

This is usually caused by a plugin interfering with SignShop or the built in vanilla spawn protection. Try changing spawn-protection=16 to spawn-protection=0 in server.properties. If you have Essentials installed try disabling all of the Essentials signs including -color by commenting them out. Otherwise you can use your permission plugin's verbose logging to see what permissions are being checked when they try to use a sign. i.e. /LuckPerms verbose on or /pex toggle debug.

What does THIS feature/option do, and how do I use it?

Most of these sorts of questions are answered in our Tutorial Video and Quick Reference PDF. You can also find this in your plugins/signshop folder for your server. If it is not answered there, feel free to drop a comment on our main page.

My [Slot] sign keeps randomly running out of items, what gives?

Think of each slot in the chest like it has an even chance of being the slot selected to give to the player. If you wanted a 10% chance for diamond, and 90% chance of coal, you would put a diamond in a slot, and coal in 9 separate slots. With this setup, if you were to get the diamond on your first try, it would be removed from the chest, and it would report the chest is out of stock, because there are no diamonds, so it's impossible for a player to win a diamond. Once an item is no longer in chest, it cannot be randomly selected to be given out. To avoid this, after linking the chest with 1 diamond and 9 coal, you can fill the whole chest up with diamonds and coal, just like a normal shop. Also, if you wanted the winner to have a 10% chance of getting 2 diamonds, and 90% chance for coal, you could do the same as before, but put 2 diamonds in one slot of the chest, so you will still have 10 filled slots total when linking.

How come [Device] type signs aren't activating my redstone?

[Device] type signs will only work on levers that are on the ground, not on walls. Unfortunately, this is a bug in craftbukkit and there is nothing we can do about it.

How do I destroy a shop?

If you are in creative mode you must use a gold axe (if ProtectShopsInCreative is set to true in the config). Otherwise, you can use anything except redstone dust or an ink sack. Note that these are all the default objects set in the config, you can change these items.

Can you make it so people HAVE to write what they are selling on the sign?

I know many people think that writing one thing on a sign, and selling another is a good way to scam people. HOWEVER, if you are a buyer, all you have to do is left click a sign, and it will tell you exactly what it is selling. We do it this way for 2 reasons. The first is because you cannot sell multiple items with the limited amount of space on a sign. In SignShop you can sell an Alchemy starter kit, 1 Brewing Stand, 3 Glass bottles, Netherwarts, etc. all on one sign. That would be impossible to list. The second reason is because then your users have to memorize item numbers, or item names. Think about how many things you can call a wood slab (wood slab, wooden slab, wood step, wooden step, etc.). It's just too annoying to memorize.

Can you update the plugin to the latest version of Minecraft?

There's not usually something that needs to be changed in SignShop just because Minecraft has changed versions. Our latest release should work. Occasionally, however, something DOES change that requires our attention. If this is the case, first grab the latest development build and make sure that doesn't solve your issue. If it does not, please create a ticket and fill out the requested information. Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server. These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk. You can get them here.


How do I get help or make a ticket?

First run the "/signshop help" command to get the version information. Then check which bukkit version you have by running "/version". Then make sure you get all the lines from any relevant error messages from your server.log. And lastly, put all the info in a new ticket.