Realistic Backpacks

Realistic Backpacks is a plugin not similar to the other backpack/inventory extending plugins, but a unique experience. Backpacks are represented by a configurable item, not virtual commands. They also will give realistic features of what a backpack would give upon a user in real life, including slowed movement, increased need for hunger, and others. Of course, all of these features are customizable and can be turned off. If you just want backpacks that are opened via items and not commands and nothing else, then this plugin is also for you.


  • Full customization of almost all features
  • Lightweight as possible
  • Flatfile and MySQL support
  • Backpacks are items, not virtual commands
  • Supports economies, and can purchase backpacks via commands
  • Create multiple backpacks
  • Custom recipes for backpacks
  • Customize the names, lore, and item for backpacks
  • Option to use a whitelist/blacklist for items with backpacks
  • Backpacks can slow your movement speed
  • Backpacks can increase hunger/decrease the amount of hunger food gives
  • Full customization on what to do with backpack on death
  • Admin friendly



<backpack> = Backpack name, example: rb.exampleBackpack.craft

Command Permissions:

  • rb.reload - Access to the '/rb reload' command
  • rb.list - Access to the '/rb list' command
  • rb.filetomysql - Access to the '/rb filetomysql' command
  • rb.<backpack>.buy - Access to the '/rb buy' command
  • rb.<backpack>.give - Access to the '/rb give' command
  • rb.fullview - Access to the '/rb view' command without restrictions
  • rb.restrictedview - Access to the '/rb view' but can not edit the backpack in view

Backpack Permissions:

  • rb.<backpack>.use - Can open the backpack
  • rb.<backpack>.craft - Can craft the backpack if recipe is enabled



Player Commands:

  • /rb list - List all backpacks with their sizes and prices
  • /rb buy <backpack> - Purchase a backpack for the price in the config file

Admin Commands:

  • /rb reload - Reloads the config and messages file
  • /rb filetomysql - Transfers the flatfile data to the mysql database set in the config
  • /rb give <player> <backpack> - Give a player a backpack
  • /rb view <player> <backpack> - View a player's backpack




Features that involve an economy require an economy plugin and Vault.

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