• /hs whatshere (displays info about regions or super-regions you are standing in)
  • /hs list (displays a list of all region and super-region types you can make)
  • /hs info <type> (/hs info arrowturret) displays all info pertaining to arrowturrets
  • /hs who (displays who is a member or owner of the region you are standing in)
  • /hs who <playername> (/hs who multi) displays a list of all super-regions that multi is a member or owner of
  • /hs who <name> (/hs who townsville) displays stats for the super-region named townsville
  • /hs help <pagenumber> (/hs help 2) displays a list of helpful commands and tips

  • /hs create <type> (/herostrong create magetower) creates a HeroStronghold of that type where you are standing
  • /hs addowner <playername> (/herostrong addowner JoeShmoe) makes the playername an owner of the HeroStronghold
  • /hs addmember <playername> (/herostrong addmember JoeShmoe) makes the playername a member of the HeroStronghold
  • /hs remove <playername> (/herostrong remove JoeShmoe) removes the playername from the HeroStronghold owners or members
  • /hs destroy (deletes the herostronghold you are standing in)

  • /hs charter <type> <name> (/hs charter village townsville) creates a charter that other players need to sign in order to make that super-region
  • /hs signcharter <name> (/hs signcharter townsville) adds your name to the charter for that super-region
  • /hs charterstats <name> (/hs charterstats townsville) reports the status of the charter named townsville
  • /hs cancelcharter <name> (/hs cancelcharter townsville) deletes the charter with that name

  • /hs create <type> <name> (/hs create village townsville) creates a super-region of that type with that name at the location you are standing
  • /hs addowner <playername> <name> (/hs addowner multi townsville) adds that player as an owner of the super-region townsville
  • /hs addmember <playername> <name> (/hs addmember multi townsville) invites multi to join townsville
  • /hs accept <name> (/hs accept townsville) if you have an invite to townsville, adds you as a member of townsville
  • /hs remove <playername> <name> (/hs remove multi townsville) kicks multi out of townsville
  • /hs destroy <name> (/hs destroy townsville) destroys townsville

  • /hs withdraw <amount> <name> (/hs withdraw 100 townsville) withdraws 100 currency from townsville's bank
  • /hs deposit <amount> <name> (/hs deposit 100 townsville) deposits 100 currency into townsville's bank
  • /hs ch <name> (/hs ch townsville) toggles your chat channel to townsville chat channel (/hs ch) returns you to global chat
  • /hs settaxes <amount> <name> (/hs settaxes 50 townsville) sets daily taxes of members of townsville to 50 currency
  • /hs toggleperm <playername> <perm> <name> (/hs toggleperm multi addmember townsville) grants permission for multi to use /hs addmember for townsville. (/hs toggleperm multi arrowturret townsville) allows multi to build arrowturrets in townsville (see complete list of perms)
  • /hs listperms <name> (lists your perms in townsville)
  • /hs listperms <playername> <name> (/hs listperms multi townsville) lists multis perms in townsville
  • /hs listallperms (lists all perms that can be set)

  • /hs war <mysregionname> <enemysregionname> (/hs war mytown histown) declares war between mytown and histown
  • /hs peace <mysregionname> <enemysregionname> (/hs peace mytown histown) makes peace between mytown and histown


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