If you want players to be able to build outside of regions, then remove EffectWilderness.jar

I renamed HeroStronghold to Townships. It has a lot more features, so I'll be updating this page over time. For now, use the sample configs that come with the plugin as an example.

Townships is the best Town plugin out there because you can require players to have houses, forges, farms, inns, hospitals, etc before they can create a town!

If you dont think minecraft is addicting enough, what about minecraft tycoon? What if you could make structures that cost money, but give you items/money over time? That's exactly what this plugin does! I imagined using this plugin as a way to reward players for building certain strutures/shrines, but it has evolved so that you can configure it to include any structure/town you want!

For instance, if a player builds a bank using certain blocks (defined in your config.yml) and has enough money, that player can type /to create bank and it will turn the bank into a Townships that, if provided the correct raw materials (paper and gold for example), can give you a steady income! The possibilities are limitless because you define the types of structures players can create in regions.yml.

Also introducing Super-Regions! Basically, super-regions are regions that require regions instead of blocks. This way you can make a super-region called Town that requires regions such as Houses, Inns, Taverns, Farms, etc. Super-regions come with their own banks, chat channels, per-user permissions, taxes, and power.

Also, this plugin hooks into Heroes so you can grant buffs and debuffs to players near your structure. For example you can build a LightningRod that grants your Heroes class name LightningMage a passive health regen buff. Work in progress Effects List.

Installation: Installation Page

Alternative Preset Configs:


  • Allows permitted players to create Townships using certain blocks/money defined in config.yml
  • Townships grant money/items during every cycle (cycle length defined in config.yml)
  • Townships cost items/money to maintain during every cycle
  • Townships can be destroyed (and even explode!) if key blocks are broken
  • Townships can also grant nearby Heroes passive buffs/debuffs
  • Townships can also grant build protection
  • Effect List work in progress
  • Super-regions which require other regions instead of blocks. So you could create a super-Townships called "Town", which requires Townships like "Inn", "Farm", a few "House", etc.
  • Banks for super-regions
  • Separate chat channels for each super-region
  • Taxes for super-regions
  • Power for super-regions (if a member dies, then their super-regions lose 1 power each. If a super-region reaches 0 power, then it is destroyed).
  • Per-user permissions, see Super-Region perms
  • Wars!
  • Limit the number of regions players can build with groups.yml
  • Biome specific regions

Requirements: Vault

Optional Requirements: Heroes, an Econ plugin, a Permissions Plugin (see vault for supported plugins)


  • townships.create.all lets you create any township
  • townships.create.<type> lets you create a township of that type
  • townships.admin lets you bypass townships ownership checks
  • townships.join lets a player join a super-region

Commands: see Commands

Other Videos: Effect Gate EffectConveyor EffectEvolve

This project uses code from the Heroes and credit for Townships external Effects system goes to the Heroes Development Team, which includes me


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