Put HeroStronghold.jar and the HeroStronghold folder from the file in your plugins folder. Then run your server so that it can generate the default config.yml.

Here's a quick tour of HeroStronghold files:

  • charters (where all of the charters for making super regions with charters are stored)
  • data (where all of the regions are stored)
  • effects (where all of the effect.jar files are stored)
  • RegionConfig (where all of the region types are configured)
  • SuperRegionConfig (where all of the super region types are configured)
  • superregions (where all of the super regions are stored)
  • config.yml (global config)
  • evolutions.yml (region evolution config)
  • groups.yml (where you can limit the number of regions a player can make with permission nodes, read more)
  • README.txt (seriously, read it. It will tell you how to configure permissions/commands/etc. for your premade region config)
  • war.yml (where wars are stored. You shouldn't edit this)

The Effects folder contains all of the EffectSomeEffect.jar files that enable your regions to do stuff. For example, EffectShootArrow.jar lets your regions shoot arrows at unfriendly passersby.

To start, you'll want to define what kinds of regions players can make. To create a region type, make a .yml file in your RegionConfig folder with the name of the region you want to create. Use and to help you write it:


 #Effects the region bestows on players in the region every 5 seconds
        - shootarrow.10

#Size of the region
        radius: 10

#Blocks that need to exist within the radius in order to construct the region
        - DISPENSER.1
        - FENCE.5
        - WOOD.9

#Items needed in a chest in order for the region to exist
        - ARROW.1

#Items to be depleted during upkeep. Make sure these items are also listed under reagents:
        - ARROW.1

#chance that upkeep will happen when the region is in use
        upkeep-chance: 1.0

#Items it will put in the chest during upkeep
        output: []

#money required to create the region
        money-requirement: 1500.0

#money given or taken away if negative during upkeep
        upkeep-money-output: 0.0

#if you want this region to be considered another region also (for super region requirements)
        group: turret

#if you want players to only be able to build this region inside a super region
        - hamlet
        - village
        - town
        - city
        - metropolis

#if you want players to only be able to build this region in a certain biome
        - DESERT
        - OCEAN

#Classes that will gain buffs from effects while in the region
        friendly-classes: [ wizard, cleric ]

#Classes that will gain debuffs from effects while in the region
        enemy-classes: [ warrior, paladin ]

        - periodicupkeep.0
        radius: 6
        - GOLD_BLOCK.2
        - BOOKSHELF.4
        - WOOD.16
        - LOG.8
        - CHEST.4
        - IRON_FENCE.6
        - IRON_DOOR.1
        - DIAMOND.1
        - GOLD_INGOT.4
        - PAPER.16
        - GOLD_INGOT.1
        - PAPER.4
        upkeep-chance: 0.0001
        output: []
        money-requirement: 1000.0
        upkeep-money-output: 150.0
        friendly-classes: []
        enemy-classes: []

        - periodicupkeep.0
        radius: 5
        - FENCE.8
        - FENCE_GATE.1
        - FURNACE.4
        - GRAVEL.2
        - WOOL.2
        - WOOD.2
        - GRAVEL.4
        - BED.1
        - WOOD.4
        - COAL.1
        - COAL.1
        - BED.1
        - WOOD.2
        - GRAVEL.2
        upkeep-chance: 0.01
        - ARROW.12
        money-requirement: 200.0

Once you've finished with that, you can setup these permission nodes:

  • herostronghold.create.* lets you create any kind of herostronghold
  • herostronghold.create.<type> lets you create a herostronghold of that type
  • herostronghold.admin lets you bypass herostronghold ownership checks


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