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Q: I am reloading the server but my configuration changes are not being loaded. How come?

A: You have most likely been editing "defaultConfig.yml". The "defaultConfig.yml" is just there for reference you want to be editing "config.yml"


Q: How do I remove a portal way?

A: Simply break the obsidian using a Diamond Pickaxe and the portal way is automatically removed.


Q: What about permission?

A: Portal Stones does not have any permissions of its own. It can easily be used in conjunction with already existing permissions however. For example:

Players cannot remove another players portal unless they have permission to destroy the obsidian block it is made out of.

Players cannot use other players portals if they do not have permission to open a door to the room a portal is inside of.


Q: What about other languages?

A: We currently have Item Localization for English, German and French.
We are hoping to add other localization in the future.
German Translation provided by: CloudeLecaw


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