Plugin Updates/Version 2.0.beta

New Features
  • Complete overhaul of the plugin and it's systems.
  • Commands have been added with tab complete:
    • portalstones
    • portalstones on
    • portalstones off
    • portalstones reload
  • Search algorithm now has index results increasing speed and performance.
  • Data files are now compressed in GZip format decreasing data size and producing faster load/save times.
  • Portalstones now make use of the PersistentData API enhancing performance.
  • The random number generator has been updated enhancing drop chance accuracy.
  • Projectiles and items (like arrows) can now be passed through a portal and come out as they were on the other side (flying through the air).
  • *Portalstones is now officially compatible with MultiVerse and MultiVerse like plugins (even worlds without nether).
  • Various other performance tweaks and enhancements.
  • Much much more...
Bug Fixes / Changes
  • Portals are now removed from a path way when being destroyed by explosions (TNT/Creepers).