PortableHole uses the Bukkit permissions API (aka "superperms") for all permission handling, so any superperms-compatible permissions plugin is supported. If you are not using a permissions plugin, then op status is required for certain admin functions - see the table below.

Quick Setup

Give the portablehole.admin node to any server admins to allow complete control over the plugin.

By default, all players have permission to create holes with a tunnelling book (but see also the author_validation.players and author_validation.groups config settings).

Node reference

Permission nodeDescriptionDefault
portablehole.adminParent node; gives all below nodesops
portablehole.createAllows creation of holesall players
portablehole.cost.exemptAllows creation of holes without paying any costsops
portablehole.commands.infoAllows checking of various info with /ph info (right now, only tunnelling credits)all players
portablehole.commands.reloadAllows reloading of plugin configuration with /ph reloadops
portablehole.commands.giveAllows giving of tunnelling books with /ph giveops
portablehole.override.protectionAllows players to ignore protection plugins when creating tunnelsops

If you want to disallow certain players from creating holes at all (regardless of whose book they're using), you can give those players portablehole.create with a value of false. You might want to do this for a "guest" group for example, where tunnelling is a perk that needs to be earned.


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