Want to get through that wall or floor but don't feel like digging a hole and repairing it again? Then PortableHole is for you!

If you've used the excellent Thaumcraft 2 mod in SSP, you'll have a good idea of what to expect - this is a shameless clone: you can create temporary tunnels through walls and terrain which close up after a short delay. PortableHole behaves largely (but not entirely) like the Thaumcraft 2 portable hole, and adds a few extra features such as permissions checking, highly configurable tunnelling costs, and respecting protection plugins.

PortableHole uses a Written Book item as the trigger item. The book must have a specific title (by default "Portable Hole") - when players left-click any terrain with that book in hand, the plugin will attempt to create a temporary tunnel through the world. The tunnel can be no longer than 31 blocks long (configurable), and there are certain blocks (configurable) that may not be tunnelled. The tunnel ends when any passable block, or bedrock, is reached. Although any player can craft a written book with the right title, the plugin does allow restriction of whose books may actually be used, both by player name and permission group (Vault is needed for the latter).

Latest Version

Note: PortableHole v1.0.1 will not run on CraftBukkit 1.4.5-R1.0 or later.


  • Create temporary tunnels in your world which close after a delay (tunnel lifetime dependent on length and configuration settings)
  • Permissions support via Bukkit superperms (plus Vault for extra group support)
  • Configurable tunnelling costs (items, item durability, money, hunger, health, XP)
  • Respects protection plugins (any plugin which cancels block breaking events)
  • Configurable sounds & particle effects for tunnels



  • If you want economy-based tunnelling costs and/or permission group checking, you will need to have Vault installed, along with an economy and/or permissions plugin.
  • Copy PortableHole.jar into bukkit/plugins and restart/reload your server.
  • Edit bukkit/plugins/PortableHole/config.yml to your liking (see Configuration) and type /ph reload to reload the edited configuration.



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If you use and enjoy PortableHole, you are welcome to make a donation by clicking the "Donate" button at the top right. However, donations are strictly optional, and don't confer any special benefits over non-donors.


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