Version 1.2.0 (10 Jan 2013)

  • Added configurable crafting recipe to create tunnelling books - see Crafting a Book
  • The /ph give command can now take a -author <authorname> option to set the author of created books.
  • The /ph info command now gives information about the defined tunnelling costs
  • Added permission node to allow uses to ignore protection plugins when tunnelling. Only available to ops by default; give this node out with care.

Version 1.1.1 (4 Jan 2013)

  • Fixes problem with 1.1.0, which was supposed to be properly independent of CraftBukkit version but due to an oversight only worked with CB 1.4.5. This version should really work on any CraftBukkit version from 1.4.5 onwards!

Version 1.1.0 (19 Dec 2012)

  • Built for CraftBukkit 1.4.5-R1.0. PortableHole v1.1.0 is required for CB-1.4.5-R1.0. No more dependency on non-Bukkit API calls, meaning this release of PortableHole should work fine on later CraftBukkit releases.
  • Overlapping tunnels are now permitted and close correctly.
  • Dropped support for the sounds.hole_open and sounds.hole_close config settings. Added new section effects instead. Raw Minecraft sound names are no longer supported, but Bukkit sound names (as well as some other visual/audible effects) can be used instead. See Configuration, Efffects section, for full details.
  • Added Metrics reporting, which sends fully anonymised usage data to - see

Version 1.0.1 (04 Oct 2012)

  • It's no longer possible by default to open a tunnel into the void. Added "void_tunelling" option to control this - defaults to false. Setting to true will allow tunnels to be opened into the void - take care!
  • Bedrock by default now acts as a tunnel terminator - tunnel creation succeeds if bedrock is encountered, but bedrock at the end of the tunnel will not be removed. It's possible to tunnel through a single layer of bedrock by clicking it with the tunnelling book, but no more than a single layer (and never below Y=1 unless "void_tunnelling" is true).
  • Maximum allowed tunnel distance is now configurable, independently for horizontal and vertical tunnels - see "max_tunnel_length.horizontal" and "max_tunnel_length.vertical" config settings. Both default to 31.

Version 1.0 (02 Oct 2012)

  • Initial public release


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