Command Reference


The following commands are understood:

/ph info

Permission node:

Players may use this command to check how many tunnelling credits they currently have.

/ph reload

Permission node: portablehole.commands.reload

Admins may use this command to force the config.yml file to be reloaded. Use this command after any changes to config.yml.

/ph give [<playername>] [-author <authorname>]

Permission node: portablehole.commands.give

Admins may use this command to get a pre-written tunnelling book. This is a written book item with the title set to book_title and the page text set to default_page_text - see Configuration for full details.

This command takes an optional <playername> argument - if this is provided, the book is instead given directly to that player instead of the player who runs the command.

The command also accepts a "-author <authorname>" option. This can be used to specify the author of the book - by default, it's the name of the player who is giving the book. This option might be useful if you're using Author Validation.


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