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PlotSquared is the most advanced multiworld plot generator and management system!

The generator offers a level of control unmatched by any other plot generator, control percentage composition of each plot section, or even use a schematic for road or plot components. It is also capable of running alongside other generators such as terrain control either as clusters of plots, or augmented generation (see below for examples).

For end users, PlotSquared comes with a lot of cool features. Merge plots and build with your friends, change plot settings such as time/weather using our extensive flag system, leave comments on other plots and much more.

What is most important however is having a fast and reliable server. PlotSquared runs well even with hundreds of thousands of plots. Plot clearing is near instant, and you can keep your world clean with lots of useful functions: plot purging, condensation, expiry, world trimming, dynamic world-border, chunk-processor, + more.

For those of you running PlotMe, conversion is automated, and more information is provided on our installation page.

For those of you running Plotz, conversion is automated using this converter.

Features (Just a few)

  • Fast, Scalable and Efficient
  • Easy installation
  • Quick support
  • Built for minecraft 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 and 1.8
  • Allows offline mode servers
  • Plot Merging
  • Instant plot clearing
  • Customize and regenerate all roads in a map
  • Partial plot worlds (see image below)
  • Extensive flag system
  • Plot purging and old plot removal
  • Dynamic world border and world chunk trimming
  • Mass plot condensation (to reorganize entire plotworld)
  • Chunk / WorldEdit processor to prevent lag / crashes
  • Powerful API (see addons)
  • Large range of official addons (includes Web interface)
  • Multiworld
  • PlotMe conversion
  • MySQL and SQLite integration
  • Four tiers of plot allowance (Owner, Helper, Trusted, Denied)
  • Configurable messages
  • Multiple configurable plot generators
  • Plot naming
  • Mob protection
  • Interactive plot listing
  • Optional redstone disabler when plot owner is offline
  • Supports non square plots (with AdvPlots addon)
  • Dynmap integration (with Plot2Dynmap addon)
  • WorldEdit and VoxelSniper masking
  • Metrics (disable in config)
  • + More

More Info

Addons Official addons we created:

Official generators:

  • HybridGenerator (This is bundled with PlotSquared.jar and supports plot + road schematics as well as Augmented generation)
  • BiomeGenerator (Natural biomes within plots)
  • PlotSquaredSG (Standalone generator)
  • AdvPlots (Non square schematic generation)
  • BasicPlots (Basic generator with 1 plot per chunk)
  • PlotSquaredMG (Large custom terrain gen)
  • IslandPlots (Islands in ocean)


Useful plugins (third party):

Paid (third party)

Video tutorials:

See here

Add schematics to your PlotWorld Use any generator, with or without roads!

  • click here for tutorial
  • Generate using any generator you want e.g. Normal terrain, Nether, or even TerrainControl
  • Here is an example of normal terrain + roads Put plots anywhere! Notifications/Per plot time + weather! Plot merging! Complete control over plot composition!

  • Default generator bundled with PlotSquared
  • Percentage control over plot components and blocks And plot shape! And plot biome! Or upload/download your own schematic!


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