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    Nov 5, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.9-R0.2


Added wall block on claim
Command tab completion
Block lookup for plot set
Added debug command category
Async schematic pasting and exporting
Switched to maven
Added table prefix
schematic pasting now allows for different sizes
Improved documentation (JDocs)
Added custom UUID API (can disable in config)
Added plot swapping
Added support for percentage parameter w/ multi block world generation
Chat color support in flags
Finalized switch to new permissions system
Many commands will now work in console
Made DB stuff abstract
Added plot rating system
Plot commenting (unfinished)
Plot titles are now a flag
Pagination of plot lists
Improved speed of plot auto by using caching
Added a load of new flags
- pvp
- pve
- titles
- notify-enter
- notify-leave
- item-drop
- invincible
- instabreak
- drop-protection
- forcefield
- heal
- feed
- greeting
- farewell

== FIXES ==
- schematics sometimes not being handled correctly
- plot delete not calling plot leave event
- worldguard plot setowner
- plot visit
- worldedit mask not updating on owner transfer
- MySQL load times for large amount of plots
- Plot admin now can claim unlimited plots
- fixed an obscure bug with the plot world failing to load
- various events
- tweaks to improve stability of flag and plot merging DB entries
- PlotMe converter sometimes having issues unloading the world
- fixed plot auto algorithm only claiming in quadrant 1
- Flags are now only displayed if the user has permission for them

(since we last posted a changelog)
- BiomeGenerator
- PlotRankup
- PlotWeb (Finished/will release soon)