NovaGuilds is my own guilds plugin, still in development, but I want to hear your opinions and ideas.
Please leave feedback!

Vault is required!
BarAPI is required unless you turn it off in config!
HolographicDisplays is required unless you turn it off in config!



The plugin works on all 1.7, 1.8 and 1.9 versions!




  • Download latest version
  • Put it in your plugins/ directory
  • Also put there Vault
  • Add BarAPI and HolographicDisplays plugins if you need.
  • Restart/reload the server
  • Edit config.yml to setup your database
  • Add {TAG} to players chat message/prefix (I recommend Essentials config)
  • Restart/reload the server
  • Enjoy and leave feedback!


  • MySQL and SQLlite support
  • Money required to create a guild (Vault)(Configurable)
  • Items required to create a guild (Configurable)
  • Configurable region interact (you can allow others to use stuff in guilds)
  • Configurable messages
  • Tags in chat, above player and in the tablist
  • Advanced region selection
  • Automatic MySQL tables configuration
  • Broadcast messages
  • Pay/withdraw money to/from guild's bank
  • Allies, wars between guilds
  • Language support
  • Guild/Ally chat
  • Configurable command names
  • Automatic regions
  • Region resizing
  • Banks
  • VanishNoPacket support
  • Auto update MySQL tables

Planned features

  • Auto update to latest build (?)
  • Auto update config (?)
  • Advanced horse protection
  • You tell me!

Undocumented features (bugs)

  • Flat and SQLite are not stable, use MySQL
  • Found any? Github -> issues


Command Description Usage
/novaguilds, /ng Main cmd and plugin info /novaguilds [cmd] [params]
/guild, /g Main guild command /g to list commands
/ng tool Get NovaGuilds tool! Read its lore.
/nga Admin commands Alias: /ng admin
/nga reload Reload the plugin /nga reload
/nga rg bypass Toggle region bypass /nga rg bypass [player]
/create Create a guild /create <tag> <name>
/abandon Abandon your guild /abandon
/guildinfo, /gi Guild's information /gi <name>
/join Join a guild /join [name]
/leave leave the guild /leave


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