World Configuration

Below the world configuration nodes of MyWorlds found in:

root\plugins\My Worlds\worlds.yml

For the general configuration, see the Configuration page

World configuration

Every world has their own properties. Below the setting nodes with a description is given:

Setting nodeDescriptionValue type
loadedIf the world is loaded (on startup)Boolean
keepSpawnLoadedif the world spawn is kept in memoryBoolean
environmentThe world environment. (NORMAL/NETHER)Environment
chunkGeneratorThe name of the chunk generator plugin to usePlugin name
gamemodeThe game mode applied to the players that join the worldGame mode
lockedtimeThe time the world is locked to. (tick time)Number
defaultPortalThe default destination portal for the worldPortal or World name
operatorsThe operator player namesPlayer array
deniedCreaturesThe creatures who are denied to spawn on the worldCreature type array
holdWeatherIf the weather states on this world are locked/frozenBoolean
difficultyThe set difficulty of the worldDifficulty
spawnThe spawn point of the worldCoordinate (xyz) with degree angles
worldThe spawn point of the world: world nameWorld name

The above settings can also be altered through Commands.


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