1-1-2014 - Updated to v1.67

  • Added support for MC 1.7.2 and BKC 1.57 new packet system
  • Got rid of very old 1.6.2-support systems, as this build only works on 1.7.2 anyway

13-10-2013 - Updated to v1.66

  • Added support for MC 1.6.4
  • Fixed player position/rotation sometimes lost (related to remember last position feature)
  • Added configuration option for toggling portal logic on/off
  • Added configuration option for toggling portal (break) physics on/off
  • Fix players not always properly teleported when entering nether/ender portals

15-9-2013 - Updated to v1.65

  • Fixed world detection and general filesystem problems on linux operating systems
  • Fixed player attributes not split between worlds (causing potion effects such as speed to stay)
  • Fixed inventory splitting bug for newly created worlds
  • Added Multiverse automatic world importing logic, with /world config reset to force it
  • Moved various methods to the World Configuration to account for the right world name casing
  • Fixed ender portals not working at all
  • Moved world spawn fixing/calculations to a later stage to prevent spawning in the air/ground
  • Spawn calculation for worlds no longer create portals (this caused problems with nether portals)
  • Added 'preparing portal' message when a nether portal teleports to non-generated areas

16-8-2013 - Updated to v1.64

  • Added MCPC+ support for custom world environments
  • Added per-environment world defaults (defaultproperties.yml)
  • Unloading a world where spawn is being loaded aborts spawn loading
  • Spawn loading when creating worlds made slightly faster
  • Added backwards support for 1.5.2 (using BKC 1.54-REVISITED)

4-8-2013 - Updated to v1.63

  • Added support for the newly added 'doDayLightCycle' game rule when locking time
  • Fixes for portal teleportation; getting stuck between two teleports
  • Mob spawn whitelists now apply for entity portal usage
  • Fixed world spawnpoint ending up as 0/128/0 occasionally
  • Fixed world repair: was having some problems
  • Fixed 'no destination' spams when entering portals
  • Slightly reduced the amount of 'loading spawn area' messages when creating worlds
  • Added 'last position' world option and player permission to teleport back where you were

5-7-2013 - Updated to v1.62

  • Performance improvements for the mob spawning whitelists
  • Fixed world-default portals not teleporting to portals properly
  • Fixed MCPC+ support for nether/the_end (DIM1 and DIM-1)
  • Fixed issue of teleporting on top of portals instead of inside
  • Now adjusts yaw to avoid teleporting into portal facing frame
  • Changes in Chunk Generator persistence to reduce bugs
  • More informative world loading fail message
  • Fixes to world copying and world repair
  • Fixed message spam when inside waterfalls
  • Minor performance improvements (most in BKCommonLib)

30-4-2013 - Updated to v1.61

  • Now allows no-name destination-only portals (line 2 empty)
  • Some small bugfixes related to portal teleportation and inventory splitting

8-3-2013 - Updated to v1.60

  • Removed all CraftBukkit specific access - uses BKCommonLib instead. (will remain compatible this way)
  • Fixed player world loading/saving issues (NBT based system of BKC is used, and fixed)

24-12-2012 - Updated to v1.56

  • Compatibility with new BKC
  • Refactor for changes in CraftBukkit

20-11-2012 - Updated to v1.55

  • Fixed the bugged spawn points of newly created worlds
  • Fixed nether portals not working (all the time)
  • Fixed world copying not copying configuration
  • World unloading fix for 1.4.5 (fixed the error)
  • /world load now allows a world chunk generator to be specified (has additional permission for this)
  • Fixed teleporting to nether portals making it impossible to exit the portal sometimes
  • Potion effects are now split between split inventories as well
  • Fixed worlds not getting detected if the world container was changed
  • Fixed 'none' game mode being re-set to survival/creative on server restart
  • The end portals can now be used as well and a default destination can be set

4-11-2012 - Updated to v1.54

  • Fixed the weird world types being set when creating worlds
  • Slightly changed the world creation logic to get rid of unneeded processing
  • Fixed the void-spawning problem (please do verify it is fixed yourself!)
  • Potions are now separated when the inventories are separated (and merged if set)

29-10-2012 - Updated to v1.53

  • Compatibility update for 1.4
  • Added portal enter hotfix for bug in 1.4
  • Localization update
  • Added large biomes as possible type
  • Portal teleportation optimizations

8-10-2012 - Updated to v1.52

  • First played player property is working again
  • World names with '.' and ':' in the name will work again
  • There are now default world properties in the defaultproperties.yml file
  • World inventory groups of one world are no longer saved
  • World inventory group names are now persistent (allow you to rename them, name is not used anywhere though)
  • Fixing the odd respawn location after server restart for worlds that share inventories
  • World size calculation can be disabled (for some worlds it might be too slow and hang the server)
  • Main world where players spawn can now be defined
  • You can now set all players to force spawn at the main world
  • Fixed gamemode not getting set when respawning

3-10-2012 - Updated to v1.51

  • Fixed player load/save errors after merging inventories
  • Added togglerespawn property and command
  • Changed keepinventory default to false

30-9-2012 - Updated to v1.50

  • Restored the useWorldInventories setting (can be disabled again)
  • Fixed the 'can not load inventory' errors when new players join worlds
  • Added proper 'initial' load information for new players (as fix for above)

22-9-2012 - Updated to v1.49

  • Fixed world inventory splitting
  • Added hunger, health and experience as being splitted
  • Added inventory enable and disable commands to auto-clear players on certain worlds
  • Compatibility update for BKCommonLib

7-8-2012 - Updated to v1.48

  • Compatibility updates for 1.3.1
  • Fixed the 'missing world' warnings (had to do with inventories)

21-7-2012 - Updated to v1.47

  • Fixed the errors when unloading a time-locked world
  • Added setting to enable/disable world inventories
  • World inventories properly load from file again

6-6-2012 - Updated to v1.46

  • Fixed time not staying locked
  • New world inventory separation and merging abilities
  • Added player-only setting for portal teleportation
  • New BKCommonLib and MyWorlds has NPC spawning toggling added

NOTICE: Older changelog got erased when the Bukkit WIKI started deleting pages. Hopefully I can retrieve it from somewhere or I have a backup, until then, it is unknown. (I will probably re-read the commits on GitHub to recreate this)


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