MyWorlds features a portal system to teleport players from one place to the other. If you want to remove a portal you lost, you can remove the saved portal data from:

root\plugins\My Worlds\portals.txt

There portals are listed with their position.


Besides commands, this plugin comes with the simplest cross-world teleportation solution: Actual portals. Walk from world to world simply, by walking into a portal. It features both walking into Portal blocks and Water streams. To make a portal, all you have to do is make a sign and place a portal block nearby.

Three steps to get a fully functional portal working:

Place a sign under the ground

  • on the first line: [portal]
  • on the second line the portal name: Portal1
  • on the third line the portal or world name to teleport to: Portal2
  • optionally on the fourth line the destination display name (otherwise uses portal/world name on third line)
Portal 2

When used with 'portal enter' Permission, the name on the second line (portal1) is used.

Video demonstrating this feature here

Place a Portal or water stream nearby

Perform the above two steps for the other portal


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