Below the general configuration nodes found in:

root\plugins\My Worlds\config.yml

For world-specific settings, see World Configuration


Below the configuration nodes with matching descriptions are given:

NodeDefaultDescriptionValue type
usePermissionsfalseSets if the Permission 3.* plugin is usedBoolean
useWaterTeleporttrueSets if water Portals are usedBoolean
allowPortalNameOverridefalseSets if portals can be replacedBoolean
teleportInterval2000The minimum delay between portal teleportations in milisecondsNumber
timeLockInterval20Sets the interval, in ticks, to re-set the time when lockedNumber
useWorldOperatorsfalseSets if the world-specific OP lists are usedBoolean
localedefaultSets the localization file to useText
useWorldEnterPermissionsfalseSets if world enter permission nodes are usedBoolean
usePortalEnterPermissionsfalseSets if portal enter permission nodes are usedBoolean
useWorldTeleportPermissionsfalseSets if world teleport permission nodes are usedBoolean
usePortalTeleportPermissionsfalseSets if portal teleport permission nodes are usedBoolean
useWorldBuildPermissionsfalseSets if world build permission nodes are usedBoolean
useWorldUsePermissionsfalseSets if world use permission nodes are usedBoolean
useWorldChatPermissionsfalseSets if world chat permission nodes are usedBoolean
useWorldInventoriestrueSets if world inventories are separated using the settingsBoolean
onlyObsidianPortalsfalseSets if portals have to be surrounded by obsidian blocks to functionBoolean


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