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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

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What is MassiveBooks?

MassiveBooks provides book related features such as better displaynames, copying books, unlocking locked books for more editing, powertools, unique serverbooks, and ingame libraries using item frames.


  1. Stop your server.
  2. Put MassiveCore.jar in your plugins folder. Download MassiveCore here on BukkitDev.
  3. Put MassiveBooks.jar in your plugins folder.
  4. Start your server again.
  5. Modify /mstore/massivebooks_mconf/instance.json to your liking.
  6. Configure permissions. You may want to use the "kit" parent permissions.


The commands operate on the book you are holding in your hand at the moment.

For regular players:

  • /book unlock
    Unlock a book that has been locked/signed. This will allow you to edit the content again.
  • /book lock
    Lock a book and keep the previous title and author. This command is usually used on "unlocked" books to avoid having to retype the book title.
  • /book clear
    Clearing a book will turn it into a normal book and quill. The title, author and content will be completely removed.
  • /book title <title>
    Set a new title for the book. You can use color codes in the title if you want to.
  • /book copy [times=1]
    Creates copies of the book. You must however have the resources unless you are in creative-mode.
  • /book list [page=1]
    Lists all serverbooks. These books can be loaded by using the load command.
  • /book load <title>
    Load a serverbook. If the book in your hand has content it will be overwritten.
  • /book cr,copyrighted [true/false=toggle]
    Toggle the copyrighted state for the book. Books that are copyrighted can only be copied by the author and not by others. The copyrighted state will only be modified for the book in your hand. Already existing copies of the book will not be affected (unless it's a serverbook).
  • /book v,version
    Show plugin version and information.

For moderators:

  • /book author <author>
    Set a new author for the book.
  • /book give <player> <amount|ensure> [title|all=*bookandquill*]
    This command is used to give serverbooks to players without resource costs. An integer amount can be specified. If you write "ensure" or simply "e" instead of an integer amount the player will only be given the book if they don't have it. If you write "all" instead of a book title the command will hand out all saved serverbooks. If you don't specify any title an empty bookandquill will be used.
  • /book save
    Save the book as a serverbook. The title of the book works as the id.
  • /book delete <title>
    Delete the server book with the title specified.
  • /book autoupdate [true/false=toggle]
    Toggle your personal autoupdate setting. Autoupdate is good and should be set to true. However you must disable it when modifying server books. Otherwise your changes will be autooverwritten before you get the time to save them.
  • /book pt,powertool [true/false=toggle]
    Toggle the powertool state for the book. Powertools are books where the content is commands to run and messages to say. Hit and interact with the book to execute it as a powertool.

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