Tested Minecraft Versions: 1.7, 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12
Contributors:                          SlimeDog, piggalotgaming, XYBlue, Siuan, TheColdEmerald

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This plugin allows you to give players customizable items on join. This is a multiple purpose plugin from either giving items to players on Hub, Minigame servers or giving players items on regular servers such as Survival, Factions, Sky Block, and other servers that are not Hub or Minigames based. You can define an infinite amount of items and worlds! You can give players items on join, no matter if they were new or if they stored the item. Although if they already have the item in his inventory their will not receive a duplicate. You also have the option of setting items to only be given on first join or the first time you enter a certain world. ItemJoin has extreme customization from what it once was, and has grew way beyond my expectations. Thank you guys for your continued support, if you wish to have a feature implemented please request a feature on Github!
You can use this plugin with Chest Commands GUI Or BossShop that allows you to create menus made of items, and you can use ItemJoin to execute commands such as making a compass to warp you places.
ItemJoin is unique because it has extreme functionality, it is also currently the only plugin out there that gives you an item of your choice per world! What do I mean by per world? I can set it in the world Pandora it will give me a diamond sword and then in world Pandora_Nether it will give me a minecart on login, respawn, or world change! There is no limit to the amount of items or worlds you can define! If the world is not defined you will not be given items in that world, however items will transfer worlds unless you have ItemJoin hooked into Multiverse-Inventories or set ItemJoin items to clear upon switching worlds in the config.yml. ItemJoin is currently the only plugin that has an active developer always adding new features and is up to date with working per world functionality and support for offhand items as well as future items. Other plugins are either out of date, inactive developer, missing features, or the per world support does not work at all! ItemJoin was built on the idea of resolving these problems, to become the ultimate custom items on join plugin!
  • Supports CraftBukkit / Spigot 1.7 - 1.12
  • Items on Join.
  • Items on Respawn.
  • Items on World Change.
  • Items on WorldGuard Region Enter.
  • Set each individual item to be given either every time or every first join.
  • Multiple slots for each item.
  • Allow or deny overwriting current items in your inventory.
  • If a player already owns the item, it does not give a duplicate.
  • ItemJoin items are Unique and cannot be crafted or re-named to!
  • Failed number of items to be given will be displayed.
  • Custom potion-effects to all types of potion bottles.
  • Custom potion-effects to on consume of golden apples, both Notch and regular golden apples.
  • Prevent items from being spammed.
  • Items commands can be executed either by clicking them in your inventory or interacting with them via right click and left click.
  • Each individual item supports separate commands.
  • Set cooldowns for each command.
  • Set custom cooldown messages for each command.
  • Set custom economy cost for each command.
  • Left and right click to perform different commands.
  • Define what actions you want to use to execute your commands, left click, right click, physical, and/or inventory click.
  • Define multiple command instances. These execute the commands as the following; console, player, message, or server.
  • Get any item with a simple command.
  • Remove any item with a simple command.
  • Play sounds when executing commands.
  • Clear all items or clear only ItemJoin items upon joining and/or changing worlds.
  • Add any enchantment and level to any item.
  • Set a players skin to a skull item.
  • Global Items
  • Custom Tipped Arrow Items.
  • Custom Book Items.
  • Custom Firework Items.
  • Custom Map Items.
  • Custom Skull Items.
  • Custom Offhand Items.
  • Dyed leather items.
  • Hide item attributes.
  • Prevent moving items.
  • Prevent placement of items.
  • Prevent self drops.
  • Prevent death drops.
  • Prevent all item pickups.
  • Lock the count / amount of the item in your inventory, infinite uses.
  • Cancel certain events.
  • Multiple languages.
  • Edit the config(s) and reload it in game!
  • Toggle on/off CheckforUpdates.
  • Automatic Update Command.
  • Supports data-values.
  • Supports variables.
  • Supports Armor Slots.
  • Supports PlaceholderAPI. See: Valid Place Holders.
  • Supports Vault.
  • Supports Multiverse-Core.
  • Supports Multiverse-Inventories.
  • Supports PerWorldInventory.
  • Supports PerWorldPlugins.
  • Supports AuthMe.
  • Supports WorldGuard.
  • The amount of features are limitless and its thanks to all of you supporting ItemJoin.


You can either use /ItemJoin or /IJ to execute a command.

Commands Description Usage  
itemjoin Displays some options. /itemjoin  
itemjoin help Displays some options. /itemjoin help  
itemjoin reload Reloads the ItemJoin config.yml. /itemjoin reload  
itemjoin updates Checks for updates. /itemjoin updates  
itemjoin autoupdate Force updates ItemJoin. /itemjoin autoupdate  
itemjoin loaded Checks what worlds are loaded. /itemjoin loaded  
itemjoin permissions Checks what permissions you have. /itemjoin permissions  
itemjoin permissions 2 Checks what permissions you have. /itemjoin permissions 2  
itemjoin get <item> Gives you an itemjoin item. /itemjoin get <item>  
itemjoin get <item> <player> Gives that player an itemjoin item. /itemjoin get <item> <player>  
itemjoin remove <item> Removes that ItemJoin item from your inventory. /itemjoin remove <item>  
itemjoin remove <item> <player> Removes that ij item from the players inventory. /itemjoin remove <item> <player>  
itemjoin world Checks what world you are in. For (debugging). /itemjoin world  
itemjoin list Checks what items you can get each what world. /itemjoin list
Permissions Description    
itemjoin.* Allows use of all commands.    
itemjoin.permissions Use of the /itemjoin permissions commands.    
itemjoin.use Currently allows use of basic commands.    
itemjoin.reload Allows use of reload command.    
itemjoin.updates Use of the /itemjoin update command.    
itemjoin.autoupdate Use of the /itemjoin autoupdate command.    
itemjoin.get Use of the /itemjoin get <item> command.    
itemjoin.get.others Use of the /itemjoin get <item> <player> for player command.    
itemjoin.remove Use of the /itemjoin remove <item> command.    
itemjoin.remove.others Use of the /itemjoin remove <item> <player> for player command.    
itemjoin.list Use of the /itemjoin list command.    
itemjoin.WorldName.Name Replace Name with the name of the specified item and WorldName with name of world to receive that item.    
itemjoin.WorldName.* Gives permission to get all items from specified world.  


If you want more detailed, better explained commands and permissions click here.




Other English Tutorials;


Does ItemJoin support placeholders?
  • Yes, ItemJoin has few place holders by default but you can hook ItemJoin with PlaceholderAPI for ultimate placeholders! Just set PlaceholderAPI to true in the config.yml
Does ItemJoin support multiple worlds?
  • Yes, ItemJoin gives items to each specified world in the items.yml. Any worlds not defined in the items.yml will not receive items.
  • You can also have ItemJoin hook into Multiverse-Core & Multiverse-Inventories so you can have different items per world without clearing the players inventory when they switch worlds. Just set Multiverse-core and Multiverse-Inventories to true in the config.yml.
Can I get items on first join only?
  • Yes, ItemJoin has extreme compatibility with first join mode. All you have to do is simply add the first-join itemflag to each item in the items.yml to get that item on first join only. You can make it so only a set of items are given on first-join and others are given every time, or simply just make it so all items on first-join. If you want to receive the item every time you join again, just simply remove the first-join itemflag from the item.
Does ItemJoin have any dependencies?
  • ItemJoin has ZERO required dependencies but there are some optional ones that can make your experience much better!
    • Vault - You can hook into vault to use your economy on ItemJoin's commands!
    • PlaceholderAPI - You can use all of these placeholders on any part of ItemJoin! Whether its commands, name, lore, skull-owner, book-lore, authors, etc! All parts of ItemJoin are hooked into PlaceholderAPI.
    • Multiverse-Core - Only used for Multiverse-Inventories. ItemJoin already have multi-world support without this.
    • Multiverse-Inventories - Easily set world inventories using ItemJoin. You can make it so you get the items on join and world change without clearing the players inventory! Very helpful with ItemJoin inventory management.
    • PerWorldInventory - Easily set world inventories using ItemJoin. You can make it so you get the items on join and world change without clearing the players inventory! Very helpful with ItemJoin inventory management. I have recently seen this plugin start to pop up everywhere and it seems like an amazing alternative to Multiverse-Inventories.
    • PerWorldPlugins - As it is not recommended since ItemJoin is disabled in any world that are not defined under world-list but, ItemJoin does support PerWorldPlugins if you happen to have it running on your server for some reason and ItemJoin will be disabled in worlds that are not allowed by PerWorldPlugins.
    • AuthMe - Items will be given after the player types the login command and fully registers to AuthMe.
    • WorldGuard - Items will be given after the player enters the specified region defined under each item, upon leaving the region the items will be revoked. This allows the creation of region only items and can only be used in the specified regions unless defined otherwise.
More Information on ItemJoin can be found here;
Please Pm me with feature requests! I will always look them over and get back to you.
Crossed Out requests means that they have been completed.

Play sounds when interacting with an item.

  • Add an option to remove color codes from console - SlimeDog
  • Bind commands to inventory click event. (Execute a command when clicking an item in your inventory).
  • Create a way to animate items name and lore.
  • In-game GUI Item creator.
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