HardcoreClaims is an addon plugin for Grief Prevention that deletes a players claim and restores it when a player dies (using Grief Prevention's restore nature feature). There is no configuration or commands for HardcoreClaims, to install simply drop the jar file in your plugins folder.

UUID Notice
HardcoreClaims is not currently UUID Compliant. Please check back frequently for updates to resolve this problem.

Plugin Effects

  • Players will be unable to place containers outside their claims (except the initial claim creation chest).
  • Upon death players will lose their claims and all contents will be eradicated back to a semi-natural state.
  • Upon death, all tamed animals including Wolves, Ocelots, and Horses will be returned to the wild and anything they are wearing is removed.

Grief Prevention 7.7 (Bukkit 1.5.2)

  • Players will be unable to use abandon claim commands to prevent cheating.

Grief Prevention 7.8 (Bukkit 1.6.4)

  • Using the abandon claim commands will clear the claim back to it's semi-natural state.


There is only one permission, hardcoreclaims.admin, which allows a player to bypass the container placement and abandon claim rules.

Flags Integration

By default all non-administrator claims are considered Hardcore once the plugin is installed, however, if Flags is installed you will be able to choose which claims are not hardcore and which worlds default to non-hardcore. Only Flags.jar needs to be installed for this functionality, modules are optional.

HardcoreClaimToggles the claim's hardcore status (area/default only).true
HardcoreDeletionToggles whether the player will lose hardcore claims if they die in the area.true

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HardcoreClaims reports non-identifying information about your server to MCStats.org. For more information on what is reported and how to disabled it if you would like to, please read the FAQ. To view the full set of data, click the graph below.

Metrics Graph

Discussion Forum

In order to provide more centralized and effective means of feedback and support for my growing list of plugins, a new Discussion Forum has been created. You don't even need a new account to use it! This forum is exclusively for plugins by Alshain01 and discussion of their use and development. For other concerns, please consult the Bukkit Forums.

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