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Flags is an interface plugin designed to bridge the gap between cuboid and other land management plugins and other plugins that would need to access them. Based on similar concepts of Vault, Flags provides a single unified object or "Area" for developers to have basic access to the information it holds without the need to know what plugin created it. This allows developers to implement per-area features one time and have them work automatically with all the supported land management plugins.

Though it has grown far beyond it's original purpose, Flags gets it's name from it's ability to allow plugins to create "flags" or switches that change the behavior of the game in specific areas. Flags will automatically maintain the users choices and customizations, and the plugins that created the flags merely have to handle their behavior.

UUID Notice
Flags v2.0.0 (currently in testing) is mostly UUID compliant. Features pertaining to land ownership is dependent on individual area plugins returning UUID have not yet been updated. For more information on Flags' migration to UUID, please read this topic.

If you wish to assist in testing, please read Testing Information and Upgrade Instructions

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  • Multiple land system support
  • Modular Flags allow you to choose only what you want.
  • Wilderness Flags
  • Trust Lists
  • Customizable Player Messages
  • Customizable Flag Bundles
  • Customizable New Claim Defaults
  • Subdivision Support
  • Multi-world support
  • Developer API for creating flags in 3rd party plugins
  • YAML and MySQL data storage options
  • Vault economy support for purchasing flags and messages

Supported Area Plugins (optional)

Below is a list of supported area plugins, the minimum versions required to work with the current version of Flags, and a list of capable features of each plugin. The feature list only contains features that Flags interacts with, each system has it's own unique design and feature set. Do you use a area plugin Flags doesn't support? Make a ticket, I can at least say I will look at it to see if it is possible.

PluginMinimum VersionSpecial Features with Flags
Factions2.0.0Cleanable, Nameable, Ownable, Faction based flags
FactoidN/ACleanable, Nameable, Ownable, Subdividable
Grief Prevention7.7Administrator, Cleanable, Combat Timer, Ownable, Siegeable, Subdividable
InfinitePlots0.9-b40Nameable, Ownable
PreciousStones9.4.3Nameable, Ownable, Subdividable
Residence2.5.7Cleanable, Nameable, Ownable, Subdividable
WorldGuard5.6.5Nameable, Ownable, Overlapping.
Flags1.4.0Cleanable, Nameable, Subdividable. Internal fallback area system.

Feature Descriptions

AdministratorThe area plugin has administrative areas that differ from player owned areas.
CleanableThe Flags database will self-clean deleted areas.
Combat TimerThe area plugin maintains a timer when players enter PvP. Flags allows detection of this timer to prevent "hit and run" tactics.
NameableThe area may be given a text based name.
OwnablePlayers may "own" a area. Some systems may support multiple owners.
SiegeablePlayers can siege other players areas. Flags allows detection of an areas "under siege" status.
SubdividableAreas can contain other areas in a parent/child relationship.
OverlappingAreas may overlap and maintain a priority but do not have a parent/child relationship

Plug-ins and Modules

Included Modules

Included with Flags is a set of optional flag modules available that operate with just Bukkit. To install them, place the modules you want to use in your plugins folder, along with Flags.jar.

Block ModuleAdds flags based on block control.
Border Patrol ModuleAdds flags based on players moving into or out of an area.
Core ModuleAdds general flags that don't fit with any of the other included modules.
Creature Spawn ModuleAdds flags for stopping creatures from spawning.
Damage ModuleAdds flags for stopping types of player damage.
Player ModuleAdds flags based on player actions.
Vehicle ModuleAdds flags based on boats, minecarts, and horses.

External Plugins and Modules

Below is a list of known plugins and modules not included with Flags that add their own flags. If you have developed a plugin with Flags support or a module and want it listed here, add a post to the developer forum!

BlockNotifNotifies moderators when players break certain blocks, logs it, and prevents it from occurring.None. Flags is used to report the name or ID of the area defined by the system your using.
FlyNCreativeAllows server operators to set areas where creative mode and flight are enabled while maintaining inventories for those areas.Flags to select Flight and/or Creative mode.
HardcoreClaimsGrief Prevention extension that deletes claims and restores the land when a player dies.Flags for choosing which claims get deleted and what areas players must die in to cause a deletion.
PetStoreManage ownership of tameable animals.Flags for choosing where animals can be left for sale, give away, or released.
RocketTeleportPlugin that adds a new flare to warping/teleporting.Flags for choosing where players can create rockets and landing zones.

Flag Usage

To set flags for an area, simply stand inside the area that you would like to set a flag for and issue the command /flag <action> <location> <flag> [value]. For more detailed information, consult the Commands page. Setting a default flag allows you to choose the behavior for all claims in the world that have not had a value previously set. Setting a wilderness flag allows you to choose the behavior for unclaimed areas.

The following examples can be used for the flag or bundle command and can be used with area, default, or wilderness. This is not an exhaustive list.

/flag get area PvpRetrieves the value of the flag
/flag set wilderness NotifyExit trueExplicitly set the value of the flag.
/flag set default SpawnMobToggle the current value of the flag.
/flag helpDisplay a list of available flags


Flags has the ability to use item based tools for some functionality. The items are configurable in config.yml. Below is a list of the tools available.

FlagQueryFeatherRight click in an area to view the flags currently set. Performs the same function as /flag get area or /flag get wilderness.
SectorGold HoeIf Sectors are enabled, use this tool to create a sector. Left click to set the first corner, right click to set the second corner. Create subdivisions in the same manner inside an existing sector.


Bundles provide a way of grouping flags together, allowing the user to bypass all the typing. New bundles can be added by command or by the server operator editing the bundle.yml file. Bundles maintain their own permissions system, they do not require a flag permission even if the flag is in the bundle. Below is a list of default bundles which serve as examples and can be edited or removed. These bundles will only function if their respective modules are installed.

IMPORTANT: When adding new bundles by editing the file directly, the name should ALWAYS be lower case. Flag names are not case sensitive, and using bundle names with command in-game are not case sensitive. You may use in-line YAML list format if you wish.

BuildCreatureBuildGolem, BuildSnowman, BuildWither
JailAllowEntry, AllowLeave, AllowTpIn, AllowTpOut
NotifyNotifyExit, NotifyEnter
SpawnMonsterSpawnInvasion, SpawnJockey, SpawnLightning, SpawnMob, Spawner, SpawnChunk, SpawnOther
DamageDamageBlockExplode, DamageContact, DamageDrown, DamageFall, DamageBlockFall, DamageFire, DamageBurn, DamageLava, DamageLightning, DamageMagic, DamageMelting, DamagePoison, DamageStarve, DamageSuffocate, DamageSuicide, DamageThorns, DamageVoid, DamageWither, DamageOther


Flags contains an automated updater feature that can check for updates and notify the console and players with permission when one is available. For more information on configuring or disabling the updater, click see the Configuration page.


Flags reports non-identifying information about your server to MCStats.org. For more information on what is reported and how to disabled it if you would like to, please see the Questions page. To view the full set of data, click the graph below.

Metrics Graph

Discussion Forum

Looking for the comments? In order to provide more centralized and effective means of feedback and support for my growing list of plugins, a Discussion Forum has been provided. You don't even need a new account to use it! This forum is exclusively for plugins by Alshain01 and discussion of their use and development. For other concerns, please consult the Bukkit Forums.


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