Some CrazyPlugins supports logging.
The plugin uses different log channels to log events. All available channels are listed in the "logs" section of your config.yml or when executing "/pluginname logger *"

    path: false
    console: false
    path: true
    console: false
    path: logs/plugin.log
    console: false
    path: $Crazy.log
    console: false
    path: $plugins/CrazyCore/logs/plugin.log
    console: false
    path: true
    console: true
    path: false
    console: true

Messages in Channel1 will not be saved.
Messages in Channel2 will be saved (when set to true it uses the default file "logs/plugin.log" in your CrazyPlugin folder)
Messages in Channel3 will be saved to logs/plugin.log, its possible to send multiple channels into one log file
Messages in Channel4 will be saved in your servers root directory to your "Crazy.log" file
Messages in Channel5 will be saved to the same file as Channel2+3, but be carefull mixing global ($) channels with plugin channels can result in bad errors. Do not mix two plugin channels from two different plugins eigther (Use global ($) channels instead)
Messages in Channel6 will be saved to logs/plugin.log and its shown in the console.
Messages in Channel7 will not be saved, but its shown in the console.

Channels may have different names.
You can change your logging configuration via commands too.

<CrazyPluginName> logger<LogChannel>Shows the logging options of this plugin channel.<CrazyPluginName>.logger
<CrazyPluginName> logger<LogChannel> [[path:]LogPath/true/false] [console:Boolean]Changes the logging options of this plugin channel.<CrazyPluginName>.logger

If you enter an invaild LogChannel, all available will be listed. LogChannels are case sensitive!
When Path is empty the current path fill be shown.
When Path is "false" the log will be disabled.
When Path is "true" the default file (logs/plugin.log) will be used
You may have to use a double backslash (\ \) instead of a single backslash (\).
The entered path will be shown to ensure you selected the right one.