Version 10.7


This plugin is needed for any CrazyPlugin to work. It supports custom languages and every player can select the best fitting.
It contains many functions I need for my plugins. Including CommandException handling to show the sender whats happend.
ex Insufficient Permissions (=one line of code, and the sender get the message in his own language).
I may add a client addon soon, to change the language to the client one without extra typing. (Waiting for Bukkits Client API)


  • (This plugin reduces the size of my plugins jarfile, avoids dismatching versions and enables some cross plugin communication)
  • Per player languages (CrazyPlugins only)
  • Integrated Config, Flat, MySQL and SQLite-Database-support.
  • Integrated Logging support.
  • CrazyPipe
  • Scroll pages using "/crazypage +/-/Page"
  • TabCompletion Support
  • Command to get a players associates
  • Command to get a player by ip
  • Command to show all available information about a player
  • Includes an Update Checker (can be disabled)

CrazyCore Plugins

Mini Plugins

Client Plugins

Planned Plugins

  • CrazyAlliances (linked with CrazyChats)
  • CrazyFriends (linked with CrazyChats)
  • CrazyChestProtection (linked with CrazyAlliances + CrazyFriends)
  • CrazyCurse (frozen)
  • CrazySeller (Trading with villagers) (frozen)
  • CrazyTravel (frozen)
  • CrazyWatcher (frozen)

Commands with their Permissions


(Generated by


(Please post additional translations here, so i can share them to everybody!
Sub-Plugins need their own translations.)

API Source


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