Commands available in all CrazyPlugins

<CrazyPluginName> help[Command [Command [...]]]Shows help to a given command belonging to this plugin.
Not implemented yet.
<CrazyPluginName> infoShows information about this plugin.None
<CrazyPluginName> loggerList all available logging channels.<CrazyPluginName>.logger
<CrazyPluginName> logger<LogChannel>Shows the logging options of this plugin channel.<CrazyPluginName>.logger
<CrazyPluginName> logger<LogChannel> [[path:]LogPath/true/false] [console:Boolean]Changes the logging options of this plugin channel.<CrazyPluginName>.logger
<CrazyPluginName> mode<*/Mode*>Shows all matching modes with its values.<CrazyPluginName>.mode
<CrazyPluginName> mode<Mode>Shows the mode's current value.<CrazyPluginName>.mode
<CrazyPluginName> mode<Mode> [NewValue...]Sets a mode to the given value.<CrazyPluginName>.mode
<CrazyPluginName> reloadReloads the entire plugin.<CrazyPluginName>.reload
<CrazyPluginName> saveSaves the entire plugin.<CrazyPluginName>.save

Commands available in some CrazyPlugins

<CrazyPluginName> player listList OptionsList all loaded player datas.<CrazyPluginName>.player.listPlayerDataPlugin
<CrazyPluginName> player info[Player]Shows information about the given Player.<CrazyPluginName>
<CrazyPluginName> player delete<Player>Delete all datas saved by this plugin for the given player.<CrazyPluginName>.player.deletePlayerDataPlugin
<CrazyPluginName> reload[config:Boolean] [database:Boolean]Select which part of the plugin you want to reload.<CrazyPluginName>.reloadPlayerDataPlugin

Language Commands

[crazy]language[list]Shows the user's and the server's language configuration and all availableNone
[crazy]language[select] <Language>Select a language used to display all CrazyPlugin messages to you.
A language looks like this en_en
[crazy]language reload<Language>Reloads the selected language in all plugins. (Use * for all languages)crazylanguage.advanced
[crazy]language reload<CrazyPlugin>Reloads all loaded languages in the given plugin.crazylanguage.advanced
[crazy]language extract<Language>Extract the selected language from Plugin.jar in all plugins. (Use * for all languages)crazylanguage.advanced
[crazy]language extract<CrazyPlugin>Extract all loaded languages from Plugin.jar in the given plugin.crazylanguage.advanced
[crazy]language download<Language>Downloads the selected language in all plugins. (Use * for all languages)crazylanguage.advanced
[crazy]language download<CrazyPlugin>Downloads all loaded languages in the given plugin.crazylanguage.advanced
[crazy]language setdefault<Language>Sets the servers default language.crazylanguage.advanced
[crazy]language addpreloaded<Language>Adds a language to the preloaded ones.crazylanguage.advanced
[crazy]language removepreloaded<Language>Removes a language from the preloaded ones.
Removing en_en may cause a lot of "CrazyLocale is missing!" issues.
[crazy]language link<Path>Show whether this locale is linked to another.**crazylanguage.advanced
[crazy]language print<Path>Print every subentry of the given one. (Use * for all entries)**crazylanguage.advanced

Translated a plugin into another language? PM me!
More information about languages

CrazyCore Commands

crazylistList OptionsList all crazyplugins.None
crazypageShow the current page again.None
crazypage +Show the next page.None
crazypage -Show the previous page.None
crazypage[Integer]Show the given page.None
crazypipearg1, arg2, ... [> PipeCommands]Push args in the pipe command.crazypipe.use
crazypipe$PresetList [> PipeCommands]Push all elements of the $PresetList in the pipe command.
PresetLists: ops, onlines, offlines, banned, banned-ips
crazycore player info<Player>Show all information available about the
crazycore player associates[player:Player] [recursion:Integer]Show all known associates of a
crazycore player ipsearch[ip:IP]Show all players connected to this IP.crazycore.player.ipsearch
crazycore player delete<Player>Removes all data connected to the given Player including all CrazyPlugins
+other Plugins if set up +playerfile if enabled.
WARNING: This command cannot be undone.

Additional Information

List Options, PipeCommands

Parameter Types

  • Integer: (Simple Number without comma)
    • 0, 1, 2, 3, .... -1, -2, -3, ...
  • Long: (Simple Number without comma, very high values allowed)
    • 0, 1, 2, 3, .... -1, -2, -3, ...
  • Double: (Value with comma, very high values allowed)
    • 0.0, 0.1, 0.2, 0.0000001, 1, 2.123, 3 , -1, -2.123, -3 ...
  • Duration: (Year, Month. Week, Day, hour, minute, second, tick, milliseconds)
    • 1Y, 1M, 1W, 1D, 1h, 1m, 1s, 1t, 1i
    • "1Y 1M 5W -3D 15h 72m -1000s"
    • (Don't forget the quotes, if you have spaces in your parameter)
    • Durations are messured as Long in milli seconds (but negative values aren't allowed!)
  • Creature / EntityType:
    • sHeeP works too!
  • ExtendedCreatureType:
    • Every type used by Creature / EntityType
    • (Supports 80+ values by default)
  • String: (text)
    • Hello!
    • "Hello World!"
    • (Don't forget the quotes if you have spaces in your parameter.)