For Users

/[crazy]language [Language]

Leave Language empty to get some information about loaded languages and current language selection.
You have to select a language like this "/language xx_yy"

xxlanguage codeISO 639-1Portugesept
yycountry codeISO 3166 ALPHA-2BrazilBR

'=> pt_BR
(Previously i used another way to generate my language file names, but the old files will be renamed sooner or later.)

Language Commands

Your server does not support your language?

Go to the language files (Link below) and download a language file you understand and translate it to your language, you can also update existing translations.
Keep in mind that I can only update en_GB and de_DE language files myself. So this languages are always up to date.
When finished send me your translation and I will enjoy uploading it.
After i uploaded them you can ask an operator/admin to execute "/language download <Language>" otherwise you have to wait for a server restart.

Available Translations:

Some plugins have an additional file to get parameter names:

Please choose one of this possibilities to post your translations:

For Server Owners/Admins


The default language files are replaced, every plugin update.
Use the Custom Language Files (see below)
A language files name is similar to this "xx_YY.lang".

If the user language does not exists or the specific entry is missing, a similar language is used. (xx_??.lang or ??_YY.lang)
If no similar language exists/is loaded or they all does not have the specific entry, the servers default language is used.
If the server language does not exists or the specific entry is missing, an available language is used.
If no language is available for that entry a message is shown. "This Language-Entry is missing!"


/[crazy]language reload <Language/Plugin/*>

Reload the languages files.

/[crazy]language download <Language/Plugin/*>

Downloads the latest language files and loads them.
You should execute this, when experiencing a lot of "This Language-Entry is missing!"
If the problem persist add a language like "en_GB" to the default ones.
Help me translating the plugin to your language.
Send me the translation and I upload them to the default file.
All languages are loaded from this source<PluginName>/master/src/main/resources/resource/lang/<Language>.lang

/[crazy]language setdefault <Language>

Sets the servers default language.
The server will always try to download/load all languages on startup/selection, when not available.
Everybody, who hasn't selected a language yet, will get messages in the default language.

/[crazy]language addpreloaded <Language>

Adds a language to the list of languages, which are loaded per default.

/[crazy]language removepreloaded <Language>

Remove a language from the list of languages, which are loaded per default.

/[crazy]language link <Path>

Show the path of the alternative entry.
These are set pluginside.

/[crazy]language print <Path/*>

Show all language entries with the given path.
WARNING: This may spam your message log/history.

Custom Language Entries

You can create custom language files, when creating a new file called "custom_xx_YY.lang" These files will never be replaced by my plugin. Just copy the entry you want to translate to that file and mod it. All language files has to be UTF-8. Don't forget to reload the language or restart the server. If the modified language entry isn't shown, look for messages in your console log. "Invalid line xxx"

Additional Information

All Language Commands can be found here