Communicating with other chat plugins

Summary of plugins explained here, see the corresponding sections for details:

  • Factions 1.x: Cancels all chat.
  • Herochat: Needs AnHeroBridge.
  • TownyChat: Has built-in support, this page explains how to use it.
  • Dynmap: Needs dynmap-irc, this page explains how to use it.

Other plugins not covered in detail here:

  • EssentialsChat: doesn't affect CraftIRC, prefixes and suffixes are supported.
  • PEX's ChatManager: Seems to be mostly formatting, like EssentialsChat. Supports "ranged chat" which may or may not interfere. Who knows.
  • bChatManager: Works out of the box, but no channels support.
  • ChannelChat: In theory supports direct integration using "ChannelIRC" but there are no stable builds of this plugin available.
  • ChatSuite: TODO need testing.
  • ChatTweaks: Seems to cancel all chat just like factions, see below for instructions
  • HeroicDeath: TownyChat has a feature to relay HeroicDeath messages to CraftIRC.
  • VanishNoPacket: CraftIRC will hide vanished players from the IRC player list.

Any info on other plugins would be appreciated, talk to dx on #craftirc

Factions 1.x

This only applies to the old version of factions. If you use Factions 2.0 or newer you don't need to do this

Factions 1.x cancels all the chat, so out of the box you will see everything except chat messages.

To workaround this and get all the chat messages (public, faction, alliance) sent to irc, set the "cancelled-tag" to something. If auto-paths is enabled, this is enough. Otherwise, you also need to create a path from this tag to your irc channel tag, aside from the usual irc->minecraft and minecraft->irc (yes, the latter is still needed for some events)


AnHeroBridge is required. There's a configuration guide linked from that page.


TownyChat has built in support of CraftIRC, but it's not perfect. Each TownyChat channel defined in "Channels.yml" has an entry called "craftIRCTag" with default value "admin". TownyChat sends chat messages directly to the channels with this tag. (It also defines an endpoint called "towny" which isn't used)

With the default settings you will see only one side of the chat. Fix:

  • Disable auto-paths
  • Set the "craftIRCTag" in Channels.yml to your channel tag name, or change your channel tag to "admin" to match the TownyChat defaults. The examples below use "your-channel-tag-here" as a channel tag.
  • Add the following to send all irc messages to all in-game players:
  - source: 'your-channel-tag-here'
    target: 'minecraft'
  • Add a new path from normal minecraft events, with everything except the "chat" attribute.
  - source: 'minecraft'
    target: 'your-channel-tag-here'
      chat: false
  • If you want to have one irc channel per TownyChat channel, you can change each craftIRCTag to a different irc channel tag, BUT the irc->minecraft path will always go to all the players.

Dynmap's chat

Install dynmap-irc as bridge. To configure it:

  • Disable auto-paths.
  • Add a dynmap key under formatting -> from-game:
    dynmap: '([WEB] %ip%) %message%'
  • source and target under the paths:
 - [...]
 - source: 'dynmap'
   target: 'irc-channel'

 - source: 'irc-channel'
   target: 'dynmap'
  • dynmap key under default-attributes -> attributes:
    dynmap: true

(Thanks roryf for actually bothering to explain that it wasn't broken)