Command list



/admins! [msg]

Sends a notice to admins on IRC

"admins" is defined as people with OP (see admin-prefixes config entry) in irc channels with admin attribute in the minecraft->irc path, or all channels if set with default-attributes (the latter is the only way to get it working with autopaths). The message is sent as a private NOTICE.


/ircmsg [tag] [msg]

Send message to tag

Applies to any tag, both irc channels and minecraft.


/ircsay [msg]

Relays message as from minecraft

Simpler version of ircmsg, sends from the "minecraft" tag to any path that can receive chat messages from it.


/ircmsguser [tag] [username] [msg]

Send a message to a user

Sends a private IRC notice to [username] (any IRC user) in the network where the IRC channel with [tag] is



Reloads the plugin

Usually the safest way to reload craftirc. Reconnects to the server and re-reads the config. TODO check if the jar is reloaded too, probably not.

Plugins that use the CraftIRC api might stop working after this, and this is a bug on their side. If this happens, a server restart is required.


/ircusers [tag]

Lists online users

Shows a comma separated list of nicks in the specified tag


/ircraw [botid] [rawirc]

Sends a raw line to IRC

  • [botid] is a number that represents the item in the "bots" list of the config. If you have only one bot, it's always 0.
  • [rawirc] is an IRC protocol message, sent directly to the server.

Probably meant for debugging but people use to hack additional features, some examples:

  • Kick irc users with minecraft commands: /ircraw 0 KICK #channel nick :message here
  • Add +v to a nick: /ircraw 0 MODE #channel +v nick

These could be aliased to simpler commands with CommandHelper or equivalent.

I added a fake command to my craftirc called ".prayers", a different irc bot receives the command and sends the following to bukkit:

/ircraw 0 PRIVMSG #channel :reply here.

So it looks like CraftIRC handled a command by itself. Normally there's no point to do something like this since the bot that handled the command can reply directly.

The /ircsay and /ircmsg commands have a similar effect and can be a cleaner solution but they are sent as chat messages with sender "CONSOLE". You could change this into something more subtle using the replacement filters. Good luck with that.

Minecraft commands permissions



The default command prefix is . (a dot), and is configurable with command-prefix. The following list includes all the existing commands, their description and some technical details.

CommandDescriptionEndpointCan be aliased?Requires admin?
.playersReturns player listMinecraftYN
.saySends a message to minecraft (usually not needed)MinecraftYN
.cmdSends a console command.ConsoleYY

To get .cmd working see this faq entry.

The "endpoint" is only important for unusual configs with manual paths - if some of these commands don't work, try adding paths from your channel to the tags corresponding for these points.

Some people may say there are other irc commands. They are lying. Do not believe their lies.