Setting up IRC bots and channels

Let's set up CraftIRC v3!

  1. Initial settings and configuration of IRC connections and channels
  2. Setting up communication paths and formatting messages
  3. Message filters

Initial settings

The first block you will find in config.yml is the settings block. It contains miscellaneous settings for the plugin. Before you start CraftIRC, you may want to check some of those settings:

  • debug: Should be set to false most of the time; However, if you ever run into trouble you can turn it on to receive lots of information about what CraftIRC is doing (or trying to do). Your best friend! Make sure you try it before you bother us!
  • retry-delay: This may help stop your bot from being akilled in case of instability by making it wait longer before trying to reconnect or rejoin a channel. If you know your irc network has intolerant opers, increase it. If it belongs to you, decrease it. 0 is not recommended.
  • bind-address: If your server has more than one IP address, you can set here an address for your CraftIRC bots to use.

Adding a bot

The default config file already has a sample bot in it, so all you have to do is modify its values. You can add more bots if you need! You fill find the list of bots under bots.

Let's begin with the basic connection settings:

  • nickname: The nickname this bot will try to use. If the IRC network supports nickname registration, register your bot's nickname personally before you run CraftIRC.
  • server: The hostname or IP address of the IRC network your bot will connect to.
  • port: The port your bot will connect to. The standard IRC port is 6667.
  • userident: Also known as username or e-mail address, this word is part of the bot's identification in the network and visible to everyone. Write anything you want but avoid using personal information.
  • serverpass: This is only required in specially configured ircds, so most likely you'll never use it. Some networks bridge it with user-related features (such as nickname authentication) for ease of use.
  • ssl: true or false. Set to true only if the IRC network provides SSL on the port configured above. The SSL port is usually not 6667.

(To be continued)


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