info/Managed Slots

How to Set Up Managed Slots

What are managed slots? You can think of managed slots like regular slot machines except the money is managed and if the slot machine runs out of money, it stops working and is unplayable. This is a nice way to control the flow of money into your economy and is also a nice way to allow other players on your server to create slot machines, they have to put money into the slot machine for it to work and any money the slot machine makes they can withdraw! Here is how to create a managed slot:

  1. Set up two blocks, one for the center of the slot and the other for the controller
  2. Type: /casino addmanaged <nameofslot> <type>
  3. Punch the center block for the slot
  4. Punch the controller block to set the controller
  5. Add funds to the managed slot by typing /casino deposit <nameofslot> <amount>
    • Note: You must be the owner of the slot to deposit money into it
  6. Set the owner of the slot to someone else: /casino setowner <nameofslot> <owner>
  7. To withdraw money from it (after you've made some) type: /casino withdraw <nameofslot> <amount>
    • Note: You must be the owner of the slot to withdraw money from it
  8. Have fun and report any bugs