Permission Nodes

A list and description of all the permission nodes for the plugin.


casinoslots.adminGives 100% permission to everything in the plugin
casinoslots.createCan create any type of slot, even managed slots
casinoslots.create.<type>Can only create slots with the type of <type>
casinoslots.create.managedCan only create managed slots, but can be any type
casinoslots.create.managed.<type>Can only create managed slots which are the <type>
casinoslots.create.itemsCan only create item slots, but can be any type
casinoslots.create.items.<type>Can only create item slots, but can only be the <type>
casinoslots.useThe player is able to play an type of slot machine.
casinoslots.use.<type>The player is only able to player certain <type>s of slot machines.