AutoSave documentation page

AutoSave saves your world and players data (similar to save-all in console) at a defined interval.
Note: AutoSave also performs save on last player leave and on AutoSaveWorld disable.

/asw save (performs a save manually)

Config values: (config.yml)

  enabled: true #if enabled AutoSaveWolrd will automatically save your world
  disablestructuresaving: true #disable structure saving(save performs much faster, but your map structures will stop working when worldegn will change)
  forceregioncachedump: true #forces refioncache dump(ensures that fiels are written to disk)
  broadcast: true #broadcast a message  before and after the save (true - enabled , false - disabled)
  interval: 900 #inteval in seconds at which save is performed
  onplugindisable: true #performs save when AutoSaveWorld disables


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