CrashRestart documentation page

If your server is managed by Multicraft control panel , restart won't occur.

Note: by default crashrestart is disabled.
Note: When server is restarting the old server instance is not yet closed so you should have maxservermem*2 memory available in the system to restart properly. (You may want to increase your swap size on linux)

CrashRestart will try to restart your server if the main thread will stop responding (crash or freeze)

Config values: (config.yml)

  enabled: false #if enabled AutoSaveWorld will try to restart your server if it will crash.
  startdelay: 20 #delay before starting checker (in seconds)
  scriptpath: #path to the startup script for yor server, if AutoSaveWorld won't find it, it will still try to restart your server. 
  timeout: 45 #if main thread of server won't tick for this amount of seconds, AutoSaveWorld will think that the server crashed.
  juststop: false #If you set this to true AutoSaveWorld will just stop your server on crash(useful for infinite loop startup script)


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