AutoRestart documentation page

If your server is managed by Multicraft control panel , restart won't occur.

Note: by default AutoRestart is disabled.
Note: When server is restarting the old server instance is not yet closed so you should have maxservermem*2 memory available in the system to restart properly. (You may want to increase your swap size on linux)

AutoRestart will automatically restart your server at a defined time.

/asw restart (performs a restart manually)
Permission: autosaveworld.restart

Config values: (config.yml)

  enabled: false #enable or disable AutoRestart
  broadcast: true #broadcast message about server is restarting
  time: []#List of times of day at which server will AutoRestart in format HH:MM example at the end of a page
    enabled: true #enable countdow before AutoRestart(will write messages about restart is soon in chat)
    broadcastonsecond:  #list of seconds before restart to broadcast about server restarting soon.
    - 60
    - 30
    - 10
    - 9
    - 8
    - 7
    - 6
    - 5
    - 4
    - 3
    - 2
    - 1
  commands: [] #list of commands to execute before the restart will occur
  scriptpath: #path to your server startup script, even if AutoSaveWorld won't find, it it will still try to restart server.
  juststop: false #if true AutoRestart will just stop server instead of restart(useful for infinite loop script)

restarttime expample

  - '03:20'
  - '16:24'
  - '20:03'


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