Commands and Permission

AntiCreeper doesn't require any Permissions plugin, but you can use one to override the default command settings, if you want. It should work with any Bukkit-compliant Permissions plugin.


If you are new to Permissions, you'll need to download a Permissions plugin to manage them. They do things differently, so I can't tell you exactly what to do other than to read this tutorial/introduction. Read to the end to find a list of permissions plugins.

anticreeper.admin - allows ac command and children. Default: Op only

anticreeper.print - allows acp command. Default: true


  • acp prints current config values from RAM
    • option to print sections by parameter: creeper, fireball, tnt, wither, lightning, endermen, dragon, minecart, skull, crystal, charge, unknown, worlds, or all
    • stat prints statistics sent to [newly advertised in 4.16.1]
    • defaults only on server console to print 'all'
  • ac command allows setting groups or individual config items
    • world [on|off] [all|<world>] turns Anticreeper on or off for supplied or current user''s world
      • : must supply "all" or world name if using from server console
    • save overwrites config.yml with currently set config values from RAM
    • version prints version of this plugin [New in 4.16.1]
    • the following commands affect all explosion types:
      • explodeblocks [true|false] allows (or not) explosions to damage placed blocks
      • fire [true|false] allows explosions to start fires
      • effects [true|false] allows explosion smoke & sound effects
      • depth [#] sets depth below which explodeblocks=false is ignored
      • explodeabove [#] sets depth above which explodeblocks=false is ignored
      • yield [#] sets % yield of damaged blocks dropped on surface
      • blockphysics [true|false] throws destroyed blocks as dropped items away from explosion center
      • placeThrownBlocks [true|false] alters blockphysics = true to throw whole blocks, that get placed (if poss) when landing.
    • creeper|wither|tnt|fireball|lightning|dragon|minecart|skull|crystal|charge|unknown allow setting a discrete item of nerf_<name>:
      • whitelist|blacklist allow toggling nerf_<name>.nerf_whitelist
      • yield # allows setting nerf_<name>.yield
      • depth # allows setting nerf_<name>.depth
      • explodeabove [#] sets nerf_<name>.depth in reverse logic so it explodes above that depth
      • power # allows setting nerf_<name>.power. Floating point is allowed, as in 3.1415926535
      • explodeblocks true|false allows setting nerf_<name>.explodeblocks (or old .damageblocks)
      • effects true|false allows setting nerf_<name>.effects
      • fire true|false allows setting nerf_<name>.fire
      • destroyblocks true|false allows setting nerf_wither.destroyblocks
      • damage (player|mob|item|drops|painting) true|false allows setting nerf_<name><param>
      • blockphysics [true|false] throws destroyed blocks as dropped items away from explosion center
      • placeThrownBlocks [true|false] alters blockphysics = true to throw whole blocks, that get placed (if poss) when landing.
    • fragile|durable (creeper|dragon|wither|tnt|fireball|minecart|skull|crystal|unknown) ([#|#:#],)* allow query/set the appropriate blocklist and whitelist
      • no numbers afterward causes current blocklist and effective whitelist setting to print
      • Also accepts Bukkit Material name strings instead of #
      • with # or Material name param(s),
        • appends supplied block ID(s) to the blocklist if whitelist value matches command name used, or
        • resets whitelist per command name used and blocklist to supplied ID(s) if whitelist doesn't match command name
    • teleport[ok] [true|false] sets whether endermen can teleport
    • blocklift[ok] [true|false] sets whether endermen can pick up blocks
    • take|leave [#|#:#],)* modifies endermen blocklist, which blocks they may/not take
      • Also accepts Bukkit Material name strings instead of #
      • with no params, prints current behavior and list
      • with param, sets list and whitelist similar to above fragile command
    • blockplace[ok] [true|false] sets whether endermen can place blocks they pick up
    • allowbeds [true|false] sets nerf_beds (to the opposite). Short form of beds also works.
      • no value causes current value of nerf_beds to be set.
  • options for individual command names below are also valid for ac command but have been separated in in-game usage help so as not overflow the screen:
    • acs offers help on setting some config items
    • acb offers help on setting boolean config items
    • acbl offers help on setting blocklists
    • ace offers help on setting endermen config
    • ac print is equivalent to acp but subject to higher level anticreeper.admin permission.

Example commands

To set all explosions to damage blocks, but return 100% allowing for complete rebuilding:

	acs yield 100
	acs damageblocks true

Enable Anticreeper for current world

To make sure Anticreeper is enabled for your world, in the game client execute the following. Alternative is simply to edit your nerfed_worlds in your config.yml.

ac world
ac world on
ac save

Disable Anticreeper for all worlds

Quick way to test if AntiCreeper is (not) causing something, without having to remove plugin and reload the server.

ac world off all

Generous Creepers

To set only creeper explosions per above:

	acs creeper yield 100
	acb creeper damageblocks true

Note that ac, acs, and acb are equivalent.

"No TNT Chains"

To set it such that TNT cannot be chained, but will damage other blocks:

	acbl durable tnt 46
	ac tnt damageblocks true

"Only TNT Chains"

Or set such that TNT damages nothing but other TNT:

	acbl fragile tnt 46
	ac tnt damageblocks true

Safe paintings

Set such that no explosion can damage paintings:

	ac creeper damage painting false
	acb tnt damage painting false
	ac wither damage painting false
	ac fireball damage painting false
	ac lightning damage painting false

And if you want this permanent, don't forget to issue:

	ac save

Debug dump

If you are tracking a bug and want to dump currently applicable Anticreeper config, execute the following from the console:

	acp all