Planned Features

Update Plans

This is where I post things I might add, things I might change. If you want or don't one of the things I mention, make a comment below!

Planned features:

  1. Make nerf_tnt.ticks effective for all TNT, not merely for chained TNT when a blocklist is defined.
    • Bukkit just added an event when TNT is triggered. Will implement when it makes it into a build
    • See Bukkit-#770 and Bukkit-#1559
  2. Fix for unmodified minecart explosions (fire, yield, physics) using MC default fire & power since there is no ExplosionPrimeEvent for minecarts.

Possible features:

  1. Allow replacing exploded blocks with a configurable block type. Fire, webs sound interesting, esp when combined with blockphysics
  2. Extend blockphysics to affect protected drops or unprotected & placed items & things in/on those items.
  3. There may be an issue chaining normal TNT with minecart TNT when using a block filter.
  4. Block regeneration, like CreeperHeal. Latter works fine together until you enable blockphysics with placeThrownBlocks. If I get enough requests for this, I may add.

Implemented features

Add an option to throw!(and then place) blocks rather than drops when blockphysics is active. [in 4.18]

add a new exception_worlds under each type of explosion node, so that you could turn off AntiCreeper's behavior for that particular explosion type in that world. [in 4.17]

Add an optional override to tomobs, using either tohostilemobs or topassivemobs, so could affect one but not the other. [in 4.17]

add "all" option to worlds command so that it can be supported from server console[in 4.16]

Add translation capability by use of LanguageAPI

Report when SafeCreeper is altering the same explosion.

Add crystals to mcstats report.

Separate config for exploding minecarts from standalone TNT? (Had one vote for this)

Worth it to separate nerf controls for wither skulls from fireballs?

Make entity physics work again when blockphysics or block filters active

API to allow other plugins to detect if AntiCreeper is configured to nerf an explosion.

Support for unknown explosion sources, typically from other plugins.

Ability to reverse the logic of .depth

Support for 1.5, TNT minecarts.

Add option for adding velocity to exploded blocks.

Add nerf_*.power to modify explosion powers. Charged creepers will still be 2x.

Add ability to avoid bed explosions in the nether. Unclear at this point if I can nerf to the same level as other explosions.

Ability to nerf fire starting, fire spreading, and block fire damage.

  • Implemented this in a new plugin, AntiFire

Blacklist of blocks applicable to fireballs

Add control for lightning damage

Nerfing for new Witherboss explosions from flying skulls.

Console commands to print config, and set some configs

Command to set nerf_endermen.block(lift|place)ok.

Command to revert config back to what is saved?

Nerf Wither boss ability to "walk through walls", in addition to existing spawn explosion nerfing Ticket 24]

Package release as a .jar and make sample config separate?


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