3.1.x Configuration

Configuration before 3.2

AntiCreeper has no in-line commands. All behavior is by the Anticreeper/config.yml file.


  • Basic nerf_<explosion_type>, when true, disables that explosion from damaging blocks, but still damages players.
    • as a result, that explosion will still generate smoke and sound.
    • nerf_creeper and nerf_tnt are only effective at or above nerf_depth.
      • Below nerf_depth, creeper_yield is effective.
    • nerf_ghasts has no depth restriction
  • creeper_list: list of comma-separated decimal block IDs that creepers will NOT impact. Only checked when creeper explosion is NOT nerfed.
  • tnt_list: list of block IDs that TNT will NOT impact. Only checked when TNT explosion is NOT nerfed.
    • both above support #:# form to specify certain types of blocks, like birch wood is 17:2
    • block_whitelist: set to true to reverse logic of both of the above
    • No, there is no fireball_list
  • nerfed_worlds: list of world names where above configuration is effective.


nerf_creepers: true
nerf_tnt: true
nerf_ghasts: true
nerf_depth: 0  # effectively disabling creeper_yield when nerf_creeper=true.

# creeper_yield defaults to system default. You may set it to range 0-100

block_whitelist: false   #(i.e. blacklist is default, unaffected blocks are in list)
tnt_list : # empty
creeper_list : # empty

- world
- nether
- world_the_end

"Generous Creepers" Config

Allow creepers to damage blocks everywhere, but return 100% of blocks so players can rebuild

nerf_creepers: false
creeper_yield: 100

"No TNT chains" Config

Allow TNT to damage anything, anywhere, except another TNT block.

nerf_tnt: false
tnt_list: 46

"Only TNT chains" Config

Allow TNT to damage only other TNT, anywhere, except another TNT block. Still will damage players and other living entities.

nerf_tnt: false
tnt_list: 46
block_whitelist: true


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