Animals Drop Meat

Animals are made of meat - so they should drop meat!

I always considered it immersion breaking that some animals, for instance sheep, doesn't drop any meat, and being reminded of this every time you kill one of the "non-meat" animals can quickly become quite annoying. After all they are not exactly rare...
For this reason I created this basic plugin for myself - and decided to share it. What it does

It makes Minecrafts "meat-less" animals like horse, sheep, squid etc... drop meat! *
*Depending on what version you choose to download drop-rates, meat names and meat types can be configured!

Check out the Meats page for a list of all new meats!
Check out the Reviews page for some videos of ADM in action!
>> English, FrenchSpanish and Portuguese reviews currently available! ^^

Animals Drop Meat is very focused and easy to use - no unnecessary extras added - only 100% meat!
Its high configurability is implemented as simple as possible to guarantee zero hassle, zero compatibility issues and perfect performance.

Q: Why doesn't the dropped meats have different icons/textures from the vanilla meats?
A: Adding new materials is unfortunately not possible with (current) vanilla clients.

Q: Will AnimalsDropMeat work with version X of minecraft?
A: All versions of Animals Drop Meat work with almost any version of Minecraft! :)
... Official support is for 1.6.4 - 1.7.9 but it should work on older/newer versions too!

Q: How do I configure the drop-rates in the config?
A: The chance for a specific Qty (quantity) to drop is its Rate / Sum of all Rates.
... Click here for a longer explanation including an example. What version to choose?

All versions are safe to use - It's simply a choice of how many features you want!
(If you don't want the auto-update or any customization options you can safely stay on v1.0!)

For details about the different version see the Versions page!

I recommend skimming through the versions page at least once since it provides basic explanations for all important features and config settings !!

Note: This plugin uses Hidendras MCStats Metrics Lite, see link below to view the stats.
It also uses PluginUpdater to check for updates on the bukkit servers ("CheckForUpdates: true/false").

* Donate to the author of AnimalsDropMeat *

(Source is included in the .jar :: Stats here: mcstats)

Some of the assets (or parts thereof) on this page is copyright Mojang AB


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