16-03-2022: AmkMcAuth-v1.5.3 version is out and available for download. If this version is not available on (due to some "technical difficulty" on, you can download it from:  (Like other plugins).
This version is tested and running on a MC 1.18+  Spigot servers.

This plugin also protects (to some extend, its not a replacement for whitelist) your server against the "Operation Copenheimer" bots/griefers as it adds an extra login/password layer on your server so the bots mark your server as "protected" and not as "open".

See ChangeLog for information on Changes in this version.

Quick info.

AmkMcAuth is Minecraft Vs. 1.15+ , 1.16+ and 1.17+ (and 1.18+) ready. Works out of the box!


AmkMcAuth (Big-Server edition) is a fork/continued RoyalAuth plugin (developed by jkcclemens). Jkcclemens was not updating his plugin and it stopped working at MC-Version 1.9+. 

So i took the original sourcecode from jkcclemens and i fixed all the errors that occurred using it on MC 1.9+ servers creating a new version that i named AmkMcAuth.

But, all the credits go to jkcclemens who is the original creator of RoyalAuth i am using as the base for this plugin. 

AmkMcAuth is an authentication plugin. It requires players to register their account with a password and use that password to login, adding another layer of security to any server.  (If you are using email registration: the player has to register his email address after wich AmkMcAuth sends a random password to that email address so the player can login using that password, and possibly change it afterwards). 

You can see it in action (and try it if you like) on my private AmkSoft Linux MineCraftServer

What options has the AmkMcAuth plugin.

This, the "Big-Server" version of AmkMcAuth, contains Email-Registration and MySQL support (larger plugin filesize). The AmkMcAuth(se) (Small-Server) Edition does not have MySQL Support and Email-registration (and the plugin file-size is much smaller).
So, if you have a small server or have a small playerbase then you can use the AmkMcAuth(se) version.
If you have a big server and/or you need MySQL support or Email registration, than you need this "Big-Server" version. 

See the config.yml AmkMcAuth config.yml file in the Pages section. This file also has all the options documented.

First-time Install+Setup:

Just drop the plugin in your plugins folder and (re)start the server.

AmkMcAuth works default "out of the box", no special configuration needed, meaning: your players need to register a password (first time) and log in using that password.

Using the Admin commands you can manualy manage players. 

Upgrading existing Setup:

You can just drop the plugin in your plugins folder and (re)start the server, but you have te check your existing config.yml and lang/ files as there may be missing some entries (check the pages section for details) and you probably have to restart your server when you did some updates to those files.
As of version1.4.3 AmkMcAuth updates your config.yml in place if it finds missing config settings after backing up your previous config.yml file (this removes the comment lines from the config file).
If you are updating to an older version (pre 1.4.3) you have to rename your config.yml manualy, start the server and merge the old and new config.yml files.

Setup MySQL connection:

See the MySQL-SetUp file in the Pages section.

Commands and Permissions:

See the Commands and Permissons files in the Pages section. 

Other Language Files:

Language files can be downloaded from the "Pages/lang" section.

SourceCode and Downloads:

The sourcecode can be viewed on github


AmkMcAuth uses for collecting anonymous plugin stats:

  • Total number of Servers running this plugin
  • Total numer of players playing on servers
  • Server Online/offline mode
  • Mincraft server version
  • Plugin version
  • Server Core count
  • System architecture
  • Operating system
  • Server location (country)
  • Installed Java version
  • AmkMcAuth Registered player count%100
  • Plugin usage (Options used)  

Notes on using AmkMcAuth e-mail:

This plugin uses the SMTP java library written by GermanCoding due its small size.

But, you cannot just use every mailserver, it has to be a SSL/TLS mailsever, like .


If you see something weird to happen or you want something added, please let me know so i can help you. Also: if you use this plugin, please let me know and leave a 'like', much appreciated. You might even send me some buck's (Donate) so i can enjoy a coffee while updating this plugin :D .

Who donated to me: thank you. I appriciate it. The coffee tasted great. 


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