Allow Lockpicking

DeathlyIceDragon will now be maintaining this plugin.

Allow Lockpicking


This plugin adds the ability to pick doors, chests, furnaces, trapdoors, fence gates and dispensers with a "lock-pick" item. This plugin will not lock any of these items - it just provides players with a method to circumvent them.

In Game Usage

Players just need to be holding the lock-pick item in their hand and right click on a chest or a door to try to pick the lock. If the pick is successful, the door or chest will open.


  • Should work with any locking plugin (tested with LWC, Lockette, BukkitInventoryTools, Deadbolt)
  • Supports permissions (allowlockpicking.canpick) - defaults to ops
  • Configurable lock-pick item (allows multiple lock-picks)
  • Configurable messages
  • Configurable chance of success
  • Option to lose lock-pick on use or just failure
  • Configurable damage dealt on failure
  • Teleport player to a location on failure (like Jail)
  • Run a command automatically on failure (like /report)

Known Bugs

  • Does not prevent other locking plugins from displaying their messages if something is supposed to be locked but the user bypasses it.


Download the jar and place the plugin into your folder. Run the server to generate the files that will let you configure the plugin.

Commands / Permissions

A list of all commands and their permissions can be found here.


Information about the configuration files can be viewed here.

Change Log

The full change log can be found here.

If you're upgrading from pre 2.0, you will need to reconfigure the plugin


  • Removed Spout Support
  • Removed Towny Support
  • Removed Bukkit Inventory tools Support


  • Fixed minor errors reported
  • Updated compatibility with ChestShop and hopefully LWC


  • Added ability to prevent things inside towns from being picked (with Towny)
  • Fixed error with ChestShops being null


  • If you are upgrading to this version, I recommend you delete your config because you will need to reconfigure everything.
  • Major upgrade to the plugin, view the full change log for all of the changes.


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