This plugin adds different ailments and diseases to Minecraft to make it a bit more challenging.

The ailments:

  • Salmonella - Eating raw food has a 10% chance of giving you salmonella! This slows you down and drops your hunger bar down by 4 units.
  • Influenza (Not implemented yet) - A nasty disease spread by the bite of a silverfish! It poisons, weakens, and slows you.
  • Heat stroke - Standing out in the hot desert without any shade or water can really get to you! This makes you severely need food and weakens you.
  • Starvation - No longer will you get away without eating! When you starve, you become slow, confused, and break blocks slower.
  • Black lung - Mining all that coal can really get to your lungs. This causes you to grow weak and develop miner's fatigue.
  • Broken arms - Punching trees all day doesn't always work out well. The pain of a broken arm can slow you down. And don't you even think about trying to punch more blocks until your arm heals.
  • Broken legs - Falling from high up can snap your legs, so be careful! Broken legs slow you considerably, and make it impossible to sprint.


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